Be careful where you step!

I hope you all are having a good December thus far. Those of you who celebrate Christmas, are you well into your preparations? I’ll have Dad’s gift-shopping done for him when I pick up two more items. My own? Wellll … that’s another story.

Last evening I twisted my right foot and thought at first I’d sprained my ankle, but no. It was more to the side of my foot and quickly began swelling and then bruising, so I thought perhaps I’d broken a little bone since when it happened I heard ‘snap snap. Poor dear Dad seemed to think my respite help who’d just arrived should call a doctor, but my daughter took me to emerge where x-rays were done. The great young doctor (hmmm… seems everyone is getting younger these days except me!) was very kind and informative. He told me nothing is broken but that I have the worst sprain I could have and it could take six weeks to heal. nice. *sigh* My foot is wrapped and I am to keep off my feet as much as possible for a few days and do nothing. Easier said than done. The doctor wanted me to use crutches, but I assured him that I would surely do more damage to myself on those things. 😉  So he said to use a cane. hmm

The good thing about this is that I am at Dad’s only until this afternoon, then I’m home for a week. I greatly appreciate others who’ve helped out here where needed last night and today.

In case you’re wondering …

stock-vector-caution-signs-figures-falling-tripping-and-slipping-8482108 I didn’t slip on ice or fall into a snowbank or trip on anything or lose my balance walking down the stairs (although I sort of did that last one two weeks ago).

I stepped on a doggie toy I didn’t see .. so it was simple carelessness on my part.  ouch!

Lesson learned. Always look where I’m stepping and be sure toys are not in the walk areas. (I sure don’t want Dad taking a spill!)

Somehow my shopping will get done and Christmas will come regardless of whether I’ve got it all together or not.

As for my blog, I may not be posting this week. My home computer is reachable by navigating stairs and I will likely just stay on the main floor – at least for a few days if I can be a good patient and be patient with myself. THAT’s a challenge.

I hope to get more reading done this week. Or napping. Or daydreaming – which is actually a writer at work, you know.  🙂

stock-vector-sleeping-kitten-in-a-hat-on-background-of-falling-snowflakes-219438571Officially Winter is two weeks away. I’m ready to do some hibernating and now I have a valid excuse!

Be safe out there, my friends. And inside. Look where you’re stepping.

Have you ever had a ridiculous accident where you’ve broken or twisted something?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



8 responses to “Be careful where you step!

  1. So sorry to hear about your fall. Hope your recovery is a speedy one!. It’s probably a good thing that you are forced to slow down right now and catch your breath and heal–not just body but spirit and mind, too. I’m sure you promised yourself some down time to take care of yourself–later. Someone had other plans. 🙂


    • Thanks, Heather. It wasn’t actually a fall, just a bad twist of my foot but I corrected in time, thankfully.
      You are so right about promising myself down time, and the funny thing is I had been thinking the only way I’m going to be able to get some reading done is if I’m sick or laid up. :/ Not that I want to be! I can use my iPad for replies here but too frustrating for new posts; that’ll have to wait.
      Thank you for your concern. 🙂

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  2. Oh my and at such a busy time too. I feel for you. Two years ago, on day 2 of our holiday in Spain, I missed the bottom stair and broke my ankle in two places. It was rough but I managed. It still hurts a bit but I´m OK. I agree, crutches are very dangerous. I learned to use a cane quite well and it got me a seat on the bus! Happy day dreaming!! XO


    • I remember your broken ankle mishap! I still don’t have a cane but my foot seems better when I’m off my feet awhile. Then I forget and get up to go do something…but am reminded soon enough. :/ This too will pass, and in the meantime one of my daughters is helping me on my week home. My Christmas decorating is getting finished after all. :). Thanks for your concern, Darlene.


  3. Ouch Lynn. I’m so sorry. I hope the pain is under control for you. Don’t let it spoil your Christmas. Can anyone loan you a laptop so you can stay downstairs? Maybe you could do your own shopping online then, as well as get some work done and not have the excuse to skive.
    xxx Sending Healing Hugs xxx.


    • Thanks, David, the pain is slight unless I walk too much for my foot comfort as yet.
      I am using my iPad for replies, reading email, and other things, but writing blog posts is something I can’t seem to do – too much frustration. I am forced to some limitations for awhile.
      I appreciation your caring and healing hugs. Hugs back to you.


  4. I hope you get better soon! 🙂 Cyber hugs to you!


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