What have YOU read lately?

Hi All!

I’m sorry to say it’s another day – or maybe week – of no book review as I am having to take a little break. I really thought I would have one ready for today, but … have you ever found yourself in a place of being hardly able to even read a book? I don’t want reading and reviewing to become something I don’t enjoy anymore, so that’s a bit worrisome for me.

Since this is my week at home it’s my chance to try to get caught up in my own house a bit – if possible. My naturopath gave me capsules to help me sleep better so I will be more rested my next week with Dad, and to help me de-stress.  I’m hoping to get back to devouring books again very soon. 🙂

I do have some exciting news to share with you depending on how quickly I can get a post together about it. Of course, it is to do with BOOKS!  🙂

In the meantime, what I would love is for YOU to share a sentence or two about the books YOU are reading this month, or this season, or tell us about your favourite book of all time. I am really interested in knowing what you are enjoying and if it’s something I would like for my own reading pleasure. Even if you have never left a comment it would be so nice to hear from you with your book thoughts. 

Would you do me the favour of sharing in the comments about your reading and help me out a little here, please?

Thank you for faithfully following my blog; I appreciate you so much.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



14 responses to “What have YOU read lately?

  1. Follow my Blog? I do reviews on Rock n Roll Autobiographies and True Crime Books



  2. Lynn, I so agree — we can’t let reading for reviewing turn into a chore. You’re wise to not push this, and I hope you’ll be back to reading and sharing your finds with us soon.

    I have some wonderful books right now, and would love to hide in a cabin somewhere with endless pots of tea and a cozy blanket, but such is not to be… Still, I’ve just finished an advance review copy of Ithaca, a new literary novel from Susan Fish. It takes a lot for me to like literary fiction, but I loved this one. The main character is a 59-year-old widow who’s rediscovering her identity. My review will be on my blog on Oct. 6.

    Now I’m reading Louise Penny’s latest Inspector Gamache mystery, The Long Way Home. Love this series so much that I can put up with the profanity. With most authors, that’s a deal-breaker.

    Next… a late birthday present just arrived: Timothy Zahn’s science fiction novel, Soulminder, which my son pre-ordered in the spring. This is my favourite s-f author, and I can’t wait.

    There’s work-type reading, too. My next novel, Secrets and Lies, releases in November, so I’m spending a lot of time reading and re-reading the files to check for typos and formatting issues.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading…


    • Thanks for understanding and for sharing all this, Janet. Perhaps someone will be interested in reading these books you’ve mentioned. I can’t even think of actually adding any more to my list right now, but your comment and book descriptions will be here. 🙂

      Wishing you success with your next novel.


    • Janet, I just heard Louise Penny speak about her writing and her Inspector Gamache books when she was in Vancouver. She is a great presenter, I was so impressed. I haven’t read her books yet but most likely will. Good luck with your next release!


  3. I recently started a new book by an author I haven’t heard of called Terry Hayes. The book is I am Pilgrim. I didn’t find the cover appealing but I did find the write up of a National Newspaper promising. He’s a very good writer but in places I’ve found it a little slow. Usually I finish what I start though so I’ll persevere and hopefully enjoy it.It’s ex- special ops man v an Arab with a mission and also a policeman who was caught in the wreckage of 9/11 asking for help.
    xxx Massive Hugs Lynn xxx


    • Hi, David. This book you’re reading is quite different from what I usually read. Let us know how you feel about it after you’ve made your way through to the end.
      Thanks for sharing. ((hugs))


  4. I recently read The Giver by Lois Lowry and was very impressed. Can’t believe it took me this long to read the book but the movie came out and I thought I should read the book first. (still haven’t seen the movie) The best book I’ve read this year was The Book Thief. I’m currently reading Voyages of Hope, The Saga of the Bride-Ships. It’s non fiction and quite eye opening. I like to mix up my reading as you can see. I also enjoyed Syr Ruus’ Devil’s Hump, based on your recommendation. It’s fun to see what others are reading.


    • I have not read any of Lois Lowry’s books yet. The Book Thief is here waiting to be read once my reviewing list is caught up. I usually enjoy non-fiction – hadn’t heard of the saga you mentioned. Syr Ruus let me know how delighted she was to hear from you, that you requested a copy of her book. It IS a good read. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing about your reading, Darlene.

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  5. I hope you are feeling up to it soon, but I am glad that you are taking a reviewing break. You deserve it. 🙂
    My favorite book is Redwall by Brian Jacques, which is just a front for me saying my favorite series is by Brian Jacques. 😉 😀


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