Create your own promotional products!

Today I’m excited to share with you two helps I have found that writers can use, what is needed but maybe not known to be so simple.

If you are a “creative” looking for an easy way to promote your writing, art, needlework, painting, crafting … whatever work/passion it is … why not create your own promotional products while you’re at it? Here are a couple of very easy ways to do that.

  1. Café Press – you can find thousands of items there! For example: if you are a writer and you want to let people know about your new book or that you are available to write for someone else, you can create your own images to use or choose one already on the Café Press website. They take the image you selected and print it on a t-shirt, mug, bookmarks, cell phone covers … or whatever you like of any of a variety of items. How fun would it be to advertise your own book on a t-shirt by having your book cover design on it! **
  2. Vista Print – you can find a wonderful selection of comparably inexpensive marketing items and promotional tools to personalize with your own design or one they have. They’ll print it for you on address labels, note pads, pens, magnets, letterhead, postcards, brochures, and more of your choosing. **

Both of the above services are ones I use and appreciate. They have very good products, turnaround time and service. You can create your own designs, use ones they already have, personalize however you want. Although it’s easy to do online, they also supply customers with a toll-free number if needed. In my opinion, these both are great ways to obtain items that will help to promote your book, or share whatever interest you have.

** For future reference please find Café Press and Vista Print listed on my Writers’ Helps page with links to their sites; just scroll down to Needing promotional and marketing help.

I hope you will find these to be useful to you.

Have you used either of these services? If so, have you been happy with them?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Create your own promotional products!

  1. Several years ago, I used Wal-Mart’s photo store to have my book cover put on a canvas bag that I use for knitting and trips to the library or grocery store. I took it to a conference once and sold a couple of books just because people noticed the bag. I’ll definitely be checking out your links. I thought Vistaprint only did business cards, so it’s good to know about the other things that they make.


    • That’s a great idea, carrying a bag that’s printed with your book cover. There are so many ways to promote one’s work these days, and Cafe Press and Vista Print offer fun ideas and great prices. I hope you find more items that work for you. Thanks for sharing, Heather.


  2. I use Vistaprint for many things and have always been happy with the product. When one of my critique partner’s book was published last year, I ordered a mug with the cover of her book on it as agift. She was delighted! I
    ll check out Cafe Press.


  3. Cafe Press is a great idea — and I would also suggest Zazzle, too. The same idea of printing on demand. And they don’t charge for you to have a store on their site.


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