Easter weekend busyness; reminder of a book giveaway

The Lord is risen!  He is risen indeed! 

In the truth of those words my hope is anchored and my life is secure.  🙂

What a busy Easter weekend we had. On Saturday morning my daughter #3 who lives in Alberta arrived home to surprise her oldest sister on her birthday. Although dd#3 (dd stands for dear daughter) was quite tired when she got here, she got busy adding the finishing touches to a video she had prepared of the many photos we had gathered of dd #1 through her life, from when I was expecting her right up to the present.

Dd #1’s lakehouse had been beautifully decorated inside with lots of birthday bling by dd#2 and dd #4, and pink balloons along the road marked the way there. Eventually, twenty-three of us were gathered in her large living/dining area, and the table was loaded with food for the “potluck” dinner. Once all were settled, in walked dd#3. When the birthday girl looked up and saw her sister standing there she yelled, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!!” and ran to her for a long tight hug. Only six of us knew dd#3 would be there, so it was a delightful surprise to everyone else. The meal, some gifts, and then the video – which was enjoyable and entertaining, but it was the clip at the very end of it, from her good friend in Egypt, that really made her cry. Well worth the wait. 🙂

The next day was dd#1’s husband’s birthday, our son-in-law, so we had another little party. Since his birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year, we enjoyed our family dinner first – fourteen of us at Dad’s – and then followed that with blue balloons, birthday cake and a surprise gift we’d all ‘gone in on’ for him. It was another fun family event.

I know not everyone celebrates family the way we do. Some do more, some do less, but this is the way it has always been in my family. I remember as a child going up the road to my grandparents’ large farmhouse for celebration dinners. There would usually be somewhere between two and three dozen of us there (if not more), three generations. And everyone got along, except maybe there would be the odd spat among children that would be quickly settled, nothing major.

It has been surprising, and disappointing, to me over the years when my girls have invited friends to join us who weren’t used to that dynamic, but more used to squabbles when their family members got together. Their friends would express amazement to my daughters later and I would feel such regret for them. I hoped they saw in us something to strive for in their own lives and future.

Yes, we have much for which to be thankful. And when things don’t go smoothly, I have found the Lord can do wonders in hearts.

How do you celebrate family events?

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8 responses to “Easter weekend busyness; reminder of a book giveaway

  1. it sounds like a perfect weekend. I do love surprises like that! I can imagine how happy DD 1 was. I too was raised with huge family gatherings at holiday times and birthdays. Now we are spread out and it doesn’t happen often and I miss them Thanks for sharing this with us as I felt I was there


  2. Sounds like a marvelous weekend, Lynn. How wonderful that your daughter was able to come home from Alberta!


    • Yes, it was a very nice weekend.
      Even at my age, when my daughter arrived in the yard I was hopping up and down, so happy and eager to hold her in my arms. 🙂 She is spending time with her sisters this week, and she and I had a little outing today and maybe again tomorrow. The time will go quickly, unfortunately, and she will be on her way back to Alberta, so I’m enjoying her visit.


  3. YAY!!! Sounds like fun! I bet your dd#1 loved the video. 😀 It sounds like it was a great weekend! 😀

    Our family (my family, my mom’s brothers family, and my grandparents, and maybe a grand-uncle) gets together for a Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas morning, and Easter brunch. It is always fun. 🙂


  4. Some families just have that special chemistry or magic or maybe simply love, and it sounds like yours is one of them. This is truly a blessing and probably the good fruit of a life well lived. Our family is scattered around the U.S. continent, but those of us southeastern Virginia gathered for a wonderful Easter lunch. One of the great values of holidays is the built-in excuse to plan a get-together event.


    • Welcome to my blog, CJ.
      I agree with your statement “One of the great values of holidays is the built-in excuse to plan a get-together event.”
      Thank you for your lovely comment.


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