This is true Olympic spirit

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in all the headlines and seem to be what is on the minds of most people right now. What I love is the special kindnesses that come out of these world events, the heartwarming stories like this one yesterday:

Canadian coach comes to the rescue of a Russian competitor with a broken ski.

What Olympic stories have you heard that touched your heart?

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10 responses to “This is true Olympic spirit

  1. It was a nice story Lynn but the right question was asked. Where was the Russian coach? I’m glad the athlete soldiered on to the finish line.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Danny Morrison from BC won silver in speed skating because his teammate from Calgary stepped aside and let Danny go on the team in his place. Sorry I don’t have more details.


  3. I have an apology to make to the athlete I referred to as Danny. His name is Denny Morrison.


  4. Last night, when Jeremy Abbott fell hard during his skating routine, then had a sudden realization of where he was and jumped up and wowed us all with his routine, I was profoundly touched. That is the spirit! It spoke of his desire to perform well and not disappoint his fans, in spite of being knocked out by the fall and being in obvious pain, disjointed by the loss of flow with his music. It was beautiful!


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