My pets over the years

These are the pets I have had and loved over the past 30 plus years of my married life.

Scamper – our ‘cool cat’  — gorgeous white with blue eyescool cat!

Trixie, windblown that day. Border Collie and something TrixieShasta – my beautiful ‘wolf dog’ – German Shepherd x husky/wolf Shasta.July'03

And, of course, there have been fish and hamsters, and Sammy (dog) who moved out this month to go live with my daughter. I don’t have a picture to show you of my white-faced grey cockatiel who is almost 19.

Do you have pets?

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7 responses to “My pets over the years

  1. We have had a number of cats over our 36 years of marriage: Bootsie, Cookie (for 18 years), Maria, Pumpkin and Monkey, who is our current cat (or guest as she sees it). It is good to have a pet.


    • I so agree with you, Darlene! We had a couple other cats, too, but briefly. I am praying for the right little dog to come my way now, one my dad will like, that will be a bit of a therapy dog. As the Alzheimer’s progresses this could be of benefit.


  2. We had a number of pets during our marriage but ( apart from the fish) the last were the rats Penny, Amy,Bernie and Priya who went to live with my niece when Julia was nearing the end.Bernie passed away a couple of weeks ago drawing more than a few tears as I’ve never known such an affectionate rat in my life.Pets are wonderful to have but not always practical and I’ll have to view mine at a distance now.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Oh gosh, David. I doubt I could ever enjoy a rat. My mother had a pet white rat when she was a teenager, but I honestly cannot bear the thought of one crawling all over me! I understand they are very smart and can be nice pets, though, for someone who enjoys them. I’m glad they made you happy while you had them.
      Years ago I met a lady who was terrified of cats – which seemed strange to me at the time – and when I invited her to my house I had to put my cat outside.
      I hope you get to visit your rats now and again.


  3. We have a chinchilla named Smokey. Josie and I each have a fish (goldfish) and we had a yellow lab named Bart. He was such a sweet dog. I taught him to shake hands. 🙂


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