Shopping for a dog

Just a quick post tonight.

I added another fun idea to my PiBoIdMo list. Nothing on NaNo novel.

Today was a different kind of day. I changed things up a bit and dog searched. Why? Because I don’t want to not have a dog! It’s that simple.

I learned about a breeder who lives not far from me and who breeds Labradoodles (Labrador x Poodle). Adorable dogs but very expensive. I might go visit her dogs anyway just to see them and be sure it is not the one for me. I need to know up close. 🙂

I also called the local SPCA and asked questions. I might be able to stop in there tomorrow to check them out and see what orphaned dogs they have in need of a home. My husband said okay as long as I don’t come out of there with a dog. I assured him .. not tomorrow. 😉

I have a list of qualities to be filled, so it could take me some time to decide and find the dog for me. During that time I hope to also have convinced my dear husband that he should agree with me about us getting a dog.

Do you have any suggestions for me regarding what breed of dog I should consider? I need help!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


14 responses to “Shopping for a dog

  1. I’ve always wanted an Irish wolfhound, it can cover as a hearthrug as well. Loyal, loving and beautifully scruffy. I hope you find just what you’re looking for.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. No suggestions. I just wanted to wish you luck. A friend of mine recently got a new dog. After two or three tries I think they finally got the right dog for them.


    • Thanks, Laura. What would be ideal is if the dog finds me, so much easier! 🙂 What I need is a dog my husband and my dad will like, too, one I can bring with me; many requirements with this one.


  3. We’ve had quite a variety of dogs over our married lifetime, Lynn. Our dog now, Wofgang, is a mini-schnauzer, but he’s not so mini. He grew to a small standard size. He has a wonderful quirky personality, very bright, and he tries very hard not to be naughty. Even as a 9-week old puppy he didn’t make messes in the house except once when we left him too long due to an unforeseen situation, and he finally had to choose a spot and “go.” He was so ashamed, poor baby. He’s very good with children and doesn’t shed but has to be clipped about every 2 months. Problems with minis: like all terriers they have an aggressive “go get it” response to smaller animals. You don’t want a bunny or kitten or hamster in the same household, although a grown cat is fine. With ours, he is very aggressive with men who smoke and wear baseball caps. Not sure why, but that over-protectiveness is his worst flaw.

    We’ve also owned a couple of English Springer Spaniels, and, except for the shedding, I would have another in a the blink of an eye. They are the sweetest dogs ever. One of ours was very smart, and another not so much, so there must be an intelligence variation.


    • Sue, I would love to meet your Wofgang. 🙂
      I need a dog that is as non-shedding as possible, rarely barks (as in .. doesn’t bark at every little sound) but will let us know when someone comes around.
      I have been considering the Schnoodle – Schnauzer x Poodle. My problem is hybrids are so expensive. Isn’t there anyone who loves their wonderful dog but unfortunately needs to give it up to a good home? I’m praying and watching and not waiting very patiently.


  4. Many breeds have rescue groups that work to find homes for abandoned, returned, or abused dogs of that breed. I love boxers and have used 3 different groups across the United States to find boxers for us when we were ready to add another. So maybe look up the breeds or hybrids you are interested in and try to find one that way! Good luck!


    • Hi Kim, welcome to my blog!
      I have been checking online for some time now. 🙂 Yesterday I went to the local SPCA but didn’t find a dog that would suit my living situation. I will take your suggestion and start looking in a different way. Thanks!


  5. We had a Yellow Lab, he was nice and kind and good with kids, but Dad says he doesn’t want another one (we are also kind of looking for a dog (discussing stage)) because he was “the stupidest dog I’ve ever had!” I kind of agree with him. Bart tried to lick moving tires, his head would hit the road, and he’d repeat. 😉 Mom saw some stray dogs and one was a pug. She said if we didn’t find the owner we would adopt him, but we found the owner, which makes me happy and sad. 🙂 😦


  6. I think Yellow Labs are the best breeds to have. But instead of buying a dog why don’t you adopt one? Have you check In my situation, I got my dog from a co-worker’s sister and I got lucky on that part. He was the best dog we ever had. Don’t hurry up on searching for a dog, it takes time a little bit of luck to find the one that actually suits you and it’s affordable. If you get it from someone, you have to spend on shots, spay and neutering and other stuff. Having a dog these days is much difficult as owning a cat. I hope you find a dog that can make you really happy.


    • Welcome to my blog, Omay!
      I have seriously been considering adopting/rescuing a dog. On Saturday I made my first visit ever to our local SPCA but they didn’t have a dog that would fit into my household. I will keep looking, and thanks for the reminder to be patient because I find the waiting is the hardest part.
      I did try but, so far, the search isn’t satisfactory; maybe because I am in Canada – although it has a space to put that fact in.
      My parents-in-law had a yellow lab a few years ago, a very nice dog. I have considered that breed too, but now I’m thinking more along the lines of a Schnauzer Poodle mix for various reasons, including taking it along with me on my weeks at my dad’s.
      Thanks for your input and kind wishes! 🙂


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