Caregiver Stress Management; challenge updates

Hi All, I hope you had a great day. This is a short post in my effort to do my post for the day.

I participated in a Caregiver Stress Management workshop this afternoon with a friend, one of my daughters, and several other ladies. It was worth it, although I left feeling more stressed than when I went in. So then, why would I feel it’s worth it? Because it pointed out to me that I am not handling my life situation (caregiving and everything else) as well as I thought I was.

Oh I’m doing what I need to do to be sure things are running smoothly here at my dad’s, and I am treating him with love and respect (because I love and respect him), and he is not neglected in any way. What I am not handling well is caring for myself, mainly in that I don’t organize my time well – which has always been a problem for me. The hang-up is I can’t stick to a schedule very well or for very long. On my respite time what I want to do is write. And walk. And read. And nap. Then I feel guilty about doing my own thing … resulting in not getting much done at all and I feel guilty about that! We are blessed to have lots of help here, and I feel guilty about that. There’s more, but … if I were to tell you, then  … you guessed it! … I’d feel guilty about that!

On to NaNoWriMo report … zero words written. 😦 I’m still hoping and looking forward to after tomorrow to change the nothing total. I’m having a busy first half of the week.

Day 5 of PiBoIdMo: I wrote one idea today for a total of 10. I could likely come up with more but I stopped at the requirement this time since I am very tired and hoping someone will soon ‘retire’ so I can get some sleep myself.

This wraps up my post for today in NaBloPoMo!

Did you do anything fun or educational recently that helped you realize something important?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂



7 responses to “Caregiver Stress Management; challenge updates

  1. Glad the workshop helped. Hope you got some sleep! 😀


  2. You made me smile when I read “I left feeling more stressed than when I went in.” I often feel that way after really thinking about the things that cause stress in my life. Try to remember not to expect too much, feel happy about what you do accomplish (not dwell on what you don’t) and enjoy the day for what it is: a gift. Now I need to stick to that advice too! 😉
    Have a lovely day!


  3. I agree with Ginny. When you think about the supposed-to parts of your life, stress rises. I read something somewhere about why people tend to over-eat in the evenings after following a diet faithfully all day long. I thought I did that because I got hungry. Surprise! Not necessarily. The culprit is self-discipline. It seems that we all have a certain quantity of self-discipline, and after a long day of doing what we’re supposed to do, we have a tough time continuing that strong discipline until we go to bed at night. So don’t beat yourself up when you are using so much self-discipline to care so well for your dad, and forgive yourself for doing those things – which are very good things – that you love to do!


    • Sue, I hadn’t thought of self-discipline being used in caring for Dad.

      Permission to do the things I want to do, and forgiveness for doing them … looks as if I have some attitude adjusting to do.
      Thanks, Sue.


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