Help! What’s your favourite e-reader?


Big books, little books, thick books, thin books, old books, new books —

historical fiction, picture books, YA, mystery, fantasy, classics, and the list goes on.  But now I have a problem!

I said I’d never do it; I thought I never would.
I said I’d read just “real” books; I really thought I could.
But some books don’t have paper, they’re only on a screen.
I’m nearly done resisting; I think I’m “going green!”
I have a pc kindle but it’s stuck here on my desk.
So now I have to ask you, what reader is the best?

Please forgive my falling out of rhyme there, but I really do want – and need – your opinion on this. As I said above, I have a pc Kindle with several books loaded onto it. The problem is that when I want to read one of those books and not have to be sitting in front of my computer to do it – right now I can’t. I need some help from you.

I’ve been told that having an e-reader (electronic book) is very convenient because it’s easy to carry and many books can be loaded onto it. (I’m not sure I know how that works, but I’m interested in learning.) 

I know I’m often slow with technology, but in this case – I love real books, I love the old ways that work well, and I usually see no reason to mess with a good thing. You know the grammatically poor saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”  I just found out that e-books have been around for almost a decade … or am I behind in that too? Is it longer?  *blush*

What reasons do you have for using an e-reader? Do you prefer an e-reader to a “real” book?

And my main question: I’ve heard about the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony reader, IPad, and some others. Which e-reader do you recommend and why?

I’m grateful for your help to get me a little more up-to-date. 🙂


Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


22 responses to “Help! What’s your favourite e-reader?

  1. My dear husband gave me a Sony e-reader for my birthday last year and I love it! I still read print books of course but my wonderful e-reader goes with me when I travel. It sure has lightened the load as I travel with many books. I think my hubby gave it to me as he got tired of carrying all the heavy luggae whenever we travel. I use it on the bus too. Also some book sI can only get as e-books. I have won many e-books too and can easily upload them into my library. Sony has it’s own book store and stocks most popular books. Good luck in making your decision.


  2. For me, I love the iPad as I already had it for other things and it was easy to use iBooks or one of the many other eBook reader Apps readily available. My 80 y.o. father and his friends all love the Kindle. It has revolutionised their reading as many of them have vision issues, and the Kindle enlarges the text even more than the large print books at the library. I’ve had a play with Dad’s Kindle and I have to admit it is easier on the eye than the iPad, but my iPad has more functions which makes it more practical for me. Mum has an iPad too, and she and Dad share books with her reading them on the Kindle App.


  3. Kindle. I’ve had mine for almost 5 years and it’s my favorite toy. Easy to carry, easy to use and understand, and Amazon has the biggest selection of books out there. I just moved up to an Iphone and the kindle app is free. I almost didn’t down load it, because I almost always have my kindle, but then I realized there are a lot of unexpected “waits” in our lives. Now, I’m never without my library.


    • Hello Sharon, welcome to my blog. 🙂
      This is good information about the iphone because it is time to upgrade my phone and this is another thing to consider. I hadn’t even thought about this feature on it. It’s never just one thing anymore, is it?
      Thank you for your input on this topic.
      One vote for Kindle.


  4. I’m looking for the same answer, Lynn. Which is the better ereader (for a reasonable price). I don’t want an ereader–I’ll always enjoy books more in paper, even when I travel–but for work (writing), an ereader will let me see how my books appear in ebook form. The second reason I need (not want) to get an ereader is because some novels I’ve won or have received that I want to review are ebooks. I thought I could read on the Kindle Ap on my computer, but I can’t. I associate the computer for work only, so I can’t get the time to read a book on it. It will be interesting to see which ereader is favoured.

    I’ve seen similar discussions, and so far, I’ve decided to ask for a Kindle for Christmas. They’re fairly inexpensive and easy to use, and most authors publish there first beause of the Select program. Some don’t even bother publishing anywhere else. So to have the widest selection of books available, I’m leaning towards the Kindle.


    • Hi, Diane.
      I’ve run into the same problem with books being available only in electronic format, or not compatible with my pc Kindle. I really don’t want to have to sit in front of my computer the whole time to read those books, either. I love to curl up in a comfy chair to enjoy a good read, or sit out on my deck; can’t do that with a desktop computer. 🙂 Also, while caregiving it’s not always workable or wise to be in another room to read.
      It seems I’m being corralled into making a change.
      Thanks for your contribution to this topic, Diane.
      One vote for Kindle.


  5. I got an ereader for after our baby came. I can nurse and walk while not giving up what I love. A year and a half later I love it. I still buy a real book here or there- I love the smell. Anyway, the kindle is easy on the eyes and very lite. I love I can get ebooks from my library and amazon prime for free. Nook does the renting of books too but I did not like the screen.


    • Welcome to my blog, Michelle.
      I, too, love the smell of real books.
      Thank you for this information, I’m learning some interesting things.
      One vote for Kindle.


  6. I don’t have an e-reader and don’t anticipate getting one. There are too many things you can do with a book you can’t with an e-reader. I’m constantly underlining, writing notes in the margins, and so on. It’s just not the same with e-readers.

    Everyone talks about how you “have” to move in that direction. Rubbish. Everyone says you “have” to be on Facebook, too – or spend your life texting. Until I find some lack in my life that can only be eliminated by a new gadget, I’m sticking with the old-fashioned ways. Eventually a good bit of this will go the way of MySpace, I suspect.

    Besides, if you own a book, you own a book. You won’t get up one morning and discover a publisher has removed a book from your device – and it has happened.


    • Hi Linda, good to see you.

      You have expressed some of my concerns, and the things that have prevented me from keeping up with this part of technology. There is nothing like the real thing. I so agree.
      I still am not on Facebook as I don’t like the fact that privacy (although probably a thing of the past anyway) is non-existent there, regardless of what people think. Once you have information on there it’s there forever, non-retrievable.

      I discovered that on my pc Kindle I can “underline”, “highlight”, and “bookmark”, albeit electronically. Another thing is that I can’t just flip back and forth through the pages the way I can with a real book, and that makes it a less enjoyable read for me. It’s cold, clinical, and doesn’t smell like a book!

      All good points, thank you for adding in.
      One vote for NO e-reader!


  7. I have an Amazon Kindle and it works pretty well. I’d like a Kindle Fire or a Nook because of the color. I have heard those work well too. 🙂


  8. I have a Kindle and read regular books as well. The Kindle is great because you can always carry it with you – so even if I’m waiting for 10 minutes I have something to read. Some Kindle books are too expensive so I am looking into borrowing from the library. I like Kindle because there is no glare outside, however, you do need light to read – you could get a clip on light.


  9. I bought myself the Nook. Things to consider: with your device are all books available to your ereader? Is there pricing differences with your ereader supplier? What features are you looking for? Font sizes? Back lighting? Color? Internet features? Can you check books out from your local library with your ereader? It depends on the features you want. So do your homework and look in to what reader will meet those wants.


    • Thanks for drawing my attention to all these points to consider, Grayce. My research is just beginning, so I think it will take me quite awhile to finally settle on anything … if I ever figure it out enough to get one at all. I didn’t even know what to look for or what features were available before this post. Thank you for your help. 🙂
      One vote for Nook.


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