Dancing – a video

Today, just a quick post —

Music, dance, Nature’s rhythm, words that tell great stories and open one’s mind … all of it – and more – I love. I admit to being a romantic, a creative, a lover of all that is truly beautiful and inspiring.

This video is of one thing that so speaks to my spirit. You may laugh at this but I confess it made me cry. (refer to the above paragraph) In my opinion, this sure beats Dancing with the Stars.

Click on this word: Dancing    and enjoy!

Imagine going all over the world to do this. Wow! Gotta love it! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



16 responses to “Dancing – a video

  1. Wow, that just scared me. The weird, half-naked woman on the bridge insulted my eyes. No laughing, no crying, just wondering who the strange person was, and wondering if I’d actually finish watching…I didn’t.

    I love music and dancing, but…not that kind.


    • Diane, I checked and can’t find what woman you mean. I don’t knowingly post offensive things, same as I don’t care for erotica (mild or otherwise) or things that take advantage of women. Sorry if something offended you.
      Thanks for commenting, anyway.


  2. This was wonderful! I loved it!! Thanks for sharing Lynn.


  3. You’re not going to believe this – I almost didn’t – but 58 seconds into the video, my town of League City, Texas, is featured! Our firefighters are dancing with him!

    Houston is in there, too. I don’t know how I missed this. In any event, I’m just thrilled to know about it – I did find it on youtube as a KHOU Houston tv video, too!


    • Yay! That’s exciting, Linda! I enjoyed the firefighters. 🙂


      • Lynn, this time when I clicked on the link (and I made sure I clicked the same Dance word), it took me to a telephone ad and then to a video of people dancing around the world. I guess I was just the unfortunate person to hit the music video ad. It wasn’t pornography, just your everyday hyp-hop, pop video.

        Lynn, I knew you’d never post anything inappropriate, but I did wonder what the fuss was about when I saw what I saw. I don’t visit You Tube enough to know commercials are a part of the clips. Dial-up will do that to you.


  4. The dancing video was AWESOME!! It made me and my mom smile! I really liked the dancing seal part 😀 The whole world dancing reminded me how everyone is really the same.


  5. It was lovely! I loved the dancing seal, too. 🙂


  6. Left a big smile on my face. Inspiring thought going ’round the world this way.


  7. The dancing video spoke to my heart, too! Very inspiring! I would have never known about this if you had not shared it here in your blog! Thank you so very much! ♥ Angi


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