Daily Archives: July 23, 2012

Writers, let me pick your brain!


Are you a writer? Do you write stories that include characters who like to talk and act out, adding depth to your story?

Today I have a few questions to ask you about writing. I hope you don’t mind telling me a little of what you found works for you. Even if you haven’t done any character writing, perhaps you have an idea of how you would go about it.

Please contribute in answering these questions:

  • When you are capturing your characters‘ conversations and personality, do you try to make what they say as realistic as you can, including:
  • their most private thoughts that no one would know unless told in some way,
  • their expletives (cursing and swearing),
  • slang, street language,
  • accents in their speech (regional, and dialects). By this point I mean – trying to imitate their way of talking, or letting the reader know about it in some way.
  • Do you write it as you hear it, or do you clean them up ?
  • How important is it to you that your characters sound casual and street-wise, or do you prefer them to be polite and well-spoken? Another way to ask that question is: Do you let your characters be the way they want to be or do you design your characters?
  • How much are you willing to leave to the imagination and intelligence of your readers or are you inclined to fill in every detail?
  • Do you write to please your readers, or yourself?

These are things I have been wondering about as I have been reading a variety of stories and genres, and the authors’ different approaches are quite interesting. Thinking about my incomplete novel, one point I noticed is that my characters freely talk … I hardly have to make anything up in their conversations, I just listen and write it down.

Do you listen to your characters or do you give them their lines?

Please, let me pick your brain! I’m very interested in learning about what you have discovered in your own writing, and I hope you will share a little from your experience.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂