Did I say Spring? Welcome to Nova Scotia in March

I wasn’t going to write a post today, but something happened that is worth sharing. Something cold, white, and wintry.

Yes, I know that I said Spring was in sight. You can read my post here. The little snow we had was disappearing, then it rained, followed by warming temperatures, then … look at what happened during last night …

Yes, MORE snow! I have a ‘great’ young friend who would absolutely love this. 🙂 It is heavy wet snow, ideal for making snowballs and building snowmen.

For little dogs, on the other hand, it’s not so fun when it comes right up under the belly.

This is Sammy. I didn’t get a photo of him when he first went out, before the snow was cleared a little. He’s so short that he pushed snow. He didn’t leave tracks in the snow, he body-pushed his way through it so that he left one long trail. Funny little guy! 🙂 But he does love to try to run in it.

And then the birds needed some help …

so I refilled their feeders and put out a new ‘birdseed cake’ for them.

Tonight the snow is starting to settle, and it’s turning slippery as it is getting cooler. In a couple of days we will get warmer weather again. Yes, Spring is coming a little at a time.

Winter is so beautiful, but I am a warm-weather person.

How about you, which season do you prefer?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


12 responses to “Did I say Spring? Welcome to Nova Scotia in March

  1. It looks beautiful but burrrr……….


    • Welcome to my blog.
      You know, surprisingly it wasn’t as cold as it looked today. Cold, yes, but quite bearable. I was out to the bird feeders without a coat those few minutes. It was calm and pretty out there. 🙂


  2. Yup – the snow was here and gone and then here and then gone. Weather can’t make up it’s mind. Personally, I’m voting for gone. Hurry, summer!


  3. I do so prefer summer. We are fortunate not to get much snow onn the west coast but it is rainy and cold. Signs of spring are around though. I am off to Alberta to visit Mom and family and who knows what kind of weather will greet me. I’ll need to be prepared for anything!


    • Hi Darlene, I also prefer Summer. Spring is so gorgeous but to me it is the excitement before the big event. 🙂
      Yes, you will have to take something for all seasons if you are going to Alberta now. 😉 Have fun!


  4. I just did a similar post…we are having the same crazy weather in New Hampshire. Hoping we will all have warming sun and real signs of spring soon.


    • Hi Karen, welcome to my blog!
      This weird weather is all part of our worldwide climate change, the natural cycle of our planet, I believe. Take heart .. Spring is coming! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting.


  5. WHOA! You said you were getting rain!!! NO FAIR!!


    • Ahhh, but we DID get rain, then snow, and rain will be coming again soon. Anyone wanting to enjoy the snow here this Winter has to be quick about it! 😉


  6. Call me crazy, but – I have winter envy! There’s no chance for us now – we’re full into spring, and summer’s right around the corner, with its heat and humidity. Sigh.

    My favorite spring memory from Iowa is the Easter we had blooming tulips, up to their very necks in snow!


    • You aren’t the only one who has winter envy. I’m not one of those, but I do enjoy the magnificence of it when it is here. I don’t like seeing it come, I love the beauty of it when it’s here, but I am glad to see it go.

      Tulips coming up in the snow .. isn’t that one of the most amazing things? Love it!

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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