Birthdays and Blessings

(I have tried to post this since November 17 but WP was not working properly for me at home! Trying on other computer, so please keep in mind the time is not accurate now.)

Yesterday – November 16 – was my birthday. Do I look any older to you?
I didn’t have a big party, but I did enjoy dinner out with my sister and my dad.

I didn’t sink into a depression, either; I’ve learned that that doesn’t solve anything.

I just quietly grew one day older, but that one day stepped me over into a new year of my life.
Another opportunity to live better, do more, try harder, dream bigger … and grow another year older.

Yesterday and today I heard from a few friends and family members with greetings by phone calls, Skype, text messages, and emails. Being remembered is heart-warming. One friend, upon realizing he was a day late, wished me a happy un-birthday, my first of this new year of my life! 🙂 I enjoyed a few cards via Canada Post, and I received a few gifts which added the fun factor.

Have I changed in that one day, the day that marks the number of years I have been permitted thus far? Not really. I’m still wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, caregiver, … blogger and all those other things.
I’m still weary, I’m still trying to do more than I have the energy to do well, I’m still hopeful that I will write something meaningful enough to make a difference, I still deeply love the same people who are precious to me, I still learn something new nearly every day no matter how small, I still plan to do the occasional adventurous thing such as sky-dive, and I continue my walk with the Lord and hope for His plan for me to be fulfilled.
In short, that one day was simply a continuation of my life with a few fun extras tucked in – and with no regrets. Another day of blessings.

Am I getting older? of course! But I like to think I’m also getting better. One can hope.

Do you do anything special to celebrate your birthdays? What is your perspective on the whole ‘aging thing’?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


11 responses to “Birthdays and Blessings

  1. Happy birthday!!! But just to let you know that your writing has already made a difference. You have touched my heart with your words, often, and that is the highest most important thing a writer can do – touch hearts. Thank you, Polilla!


  2. Happy birthday to you! And, as the saying goes, many more.

    I love my birthdays, even though I’ve not really “celebrated” in any overt way for several years. I’m of an age now where family and friends slowly are disappearing – I suppose if I had any advice, I’d say make friends with younger people!

    A phone call or two, a few cards – sometimes a dinner or little gift – that’s all I need at this point in my life. If I’m really, really lucky, the world will give me beautiful weather for the day!


    • How lovely to hear from you again. 🙂 Thank you for the greetings.

      I like what you said: I suppose if I had any advice, I’d say make friends with younger people!
      You know, sometimes it seems everyone is younger than I am! 🙂

      I seem to be more content the older I get, and birthdays are not as big a deal as they used to be. I do agree about the beautiful weather,though. Almost every year there is snow either just before or during my birthday, but this year I enjoyed a snow-free day. Can’t complain about that. 🙂


  3. Happy belated birthday, Lynn. I wish I had known earlier I would have sent an email. I’ve never worried about my age, mainly because most of my friends were always older than me. That’s the secret, hang out with an older crowd and you’ll always be the youngest on there. 😉


    • Thank you so much, Laura. Well, now you know. 🙂

      haha That seemed to be the case for me for awhile, my friends were all older than myself. Now, it’s starting to even out a little more.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday Lynn. It is always best to celebrate the way you are most comfortable. I tend to not celebrate a birth day but rather a birth month. The celebrations continue for all of March with a variety of friends and family. My husband thinks it is hillarious.
    I agree, every year we are allowed on this earth is a cause for celebration!


    • Thank you for the greetings, Darlene.

      What I do more now is wait to see who remembers. 🙂 Then if the ones who should know seem to have forgotten I subtly throw around a few little hints. Just so they won’t feel badly for having forgotten, of course. 😉


  5. I too have a body that is getting’s the mind that is the secret to staying young as age is a state of mind. Where else can you run naked through the woods and not be tired or arrested ?
    …..proves my theory !!
    The best thing about getting older is we can now take the time to enjoy life as we want and not as society designates….
    just my opinion…kjforce


    • Hi KJ,
      I’m still trying to find that place of “life as we want”, but I must be getting a little closer.

      And thanks for the belated birthday greetings, and for the tip about outside for ‘the candle/cake thing’. In November there’s less risk of runaway outdoor fires here, but this year I didn’t have snow on my birthday. yay!


  6. By the by…Happy B-lated birthday..and the fire Marshall said might be best if next year you do the candle/cake thing outside…heheheh..kj


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