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Distractions, distractions .. umm, what was I doing?

Just a little sidetrack here. Of course. I am supposed to be NaNo writing.

But ..

did I ever mention I think my middle name was supposed to be ‘Procrastination’ with a nickname of ‘Distracted’?  Yes, it is true. I procrastinate. No surprise, if you know me at all.

And look at what I found at http://badger.dinorodeo.com/





Yep! That’s me, like a moth to a flame.

Is the computer on, did someone comment on my blog? write me an email? tweet something interesting?

Is there another appealing book close by to read? A website to visit? a link to check out? a new post to read on someone’s blog that I follow .. or that someone tweets about? (I’d hate to miss something good.)

Is a friend waiting to chat?

Oh dear.

Like a moth to a flame.

Now, what was I was doing?


Oh, wait! Someone just tweeted me a recipe for …

oh yeah.  distractions, distractions.

NaNo novel, here I come!

How about you? Do you ever have this problem?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings.  🙂



My embarrassing NaNoWriMo confession

It started out with the right thought – that since I ‘won’ in NaNo last year I should try to finish my novel started last year.  Reasonable, right?

And since I kept a running update last year, posting every day for the month of November to keep my readers informed of my progress – and to keep myself motivated – it seemed right that I should do the same thing this year. Makes sense, right?


Last year I knew believed I could do it. I was determined stubborn determined enough to keep at it so that I DID do it. This year my motivation is not the same, but I do have a goal — to finish writing my 2010 NaNo novel.

Interruptions Procrastination got in the way took over.  Well, that’s a little harsh, Lynn, don’t you think? Life happens. … tap tap tap … oh alright! I didn’t take it on with the same sense of motivation this time. There, I said it. I let myself fail flounder face plant.  (And, yes, I talk to myself give myself pep talks.)

Okay, here’s the thing. If I keep an ongoing record showing my progress lack of adequate progress in 2011 NaNo, I will both embarrass myself and risk being a disappointment to anyone possibly believing in me. (um, is there really anyone out there fitting that description?) *sigh* It really is not that hard. All you do is write!  Right?

Who am I kidding? When one’s muse just doesn’t want to play, then … it’s not happening!  (yes, okay, when one does not commit whole-heartedly to the project it is already doomed at serious risk.)

So, what to do? It is in the early hours of day 25 of NaNoWriMo 2011. I am ashamed embarrassed to admit that I have enough words written to equal a tally for day … 5.  (hangs head) Yep, day 5.

Want to read something really funny? Here are my stats on my NaNo page, especially note the estimated date of completion:

Your Average Per Day .. 363

Words Written Today .. 1,321

Target Word Count .. 50,000

Target Average Words Per Day .. 1,667

Total Words Written .. 8,722

Words Remaining .. 41,278

Current Day .. 24

Days Remaining .. 7

At This Rate You Will Finish On .. March 16, 2012   <— Hilarious! 🙂

Words Per Day To Finish On Time .. 5,897   <– Yikes!

I. am. in. trouble.  (note to self, don’t write that way often, it disturbs some writers.)   I am in trouble.

So, what to do? Easy. Just WRITE!

Get some sleep, then write. nap, then write. do what you have to do, then WRITE WRITE WRITE.

The crazy thing is, I still believe I can do this! Isn’t that crazy? And I am going to make a new page for my 2011 NaNoWriMo progress report. Now THAT is crazy motivating, but ..

I. am. going. to. try.  (oops! refer to note to self above.)

If I manage to complete with 50000 words, please don’t expect to hear from me for awhile. I will be celebrating sleeping.  😉

Comments, anyone?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂