Hurry! You could win a book today!


This is a friendly reminder of the BOOK GIVEAWAY I’m offering TODAY – November 12 – courtesy of Red Deer Press.

Please refer to my October 22 post and read my review of A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk – an amazing story written by Jan L. Coates.

Then, following my October 28 interview with Jan, you have the opportunity to win a copy of A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk by leaving a comment.

Please be sure to let others know about this, too, and get the word out about this heralded novel. There’s not much time left until 9:00 pm (8:00 EST). Tweet about it, mention it on Facebook and in your own blog .. use your imagination to get the word out there!  I know Jan will appreciate the publicity for Jacob and Wadeng Wings of Hope.  Don’t know who Jacob is? Read my blog posts of October 22 and October 28. ;)

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  :)


I look forward to reading your greatly appreciated comments. Thanks for making my day! :)

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