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Nearing NaNoWriMo end, not enough words

Here it is, November 30th, according to Nova Scotia time. Last night I stayed up until 4:00 this AM, slept several hours, then got on with today.  I have been writing all day today with some short breaks in there. 

Even with all that progress, and I do consider it progress, I am still just shy of the halfway mark.  How I can ever write over 25000 words in one day is beyond me! I am making a valiant attempt nonetheless.  The problem is that I have to go out to do a few errands, and that will mess up my writing time considerably. I suppose one could say I have already lost, but .. in NaNo vocabulary, I have already won just by taking it on.

My story is going along with its twists and turns and puzzles. My characters are full of surprises.  I am not sure how I can stretch the story to include a second 50000 words (having the first 50000 written last NaNo), but I don’t think I am going to have to worry about that. I will just write until NaNo has ended in 24 hours. (Admission: I now doubt that I can get to 50000 words by the end of Wednesday, but we shall see how close I come.)

At least my stats don’t look quite as pathetic as they did 5 days ago. You can refer back to this November 25 post  to compare.

Your Average Per Day — 832

Words Written Today — 6,926

Target Word Count — 50,000
Target Average Words Per Day — 1,667
Total Words Written — 24,130
Words Remaining — 25,870
Current Day — 29
Days Remaining — 2
At This Rate You Will Finish On — December 30, 2011
Words Per Day To Finish On Time — 12,935
It says there are 2 days remaining, so I think it is going by Central or Mountain time zone.  It will soon flip over to 1 day remaining.
I will keep writing and posting my word count. Maybe I will have made it to to 25000 by the time the NaNo site recognizes a new day. That would be rewarding.
Okay, end of break time! Looks as if it will be another all-nighter before NaNoWriMo ends.
Do you ever pull all-nighters to write?
Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

How does a NaNoWriMo novel come to be? (and PiBoIdMo update)

If someone were to judge by my word count, one could conclude that all is lost for me.

My NaNoWriMo total does not look good in light of a remainder of four days in which to write 38155 words.  Even so, I can’t say that I agree with that doubt one hundred per cent, because there is still a chance, albeit a slim one. (Does that sound convoluted and writerly enough?)

Have I given up yet? No! Not yet, and I probably won’t until that last stroke of time on November 30. I will keep writing to see how far I can get in those four days.

It isn’t as if I have not been writing, it’s just not down on paper yet. You writers know what I mean. 🙂

This year I have a sketchy outline .. if it can be called an outline – more a list of ideas – a rough plan of where my story is going. I didn’t even have that until 7000 words in – page 24 of my notes – written in long hand, not on computer. My characters have become more complicated, my plot has thickened, and the loose ends are starting to have some meaning to them. Starting, you ask? Well, yes. How do I explain? …

When I began writing this novel for NaNo 2010, I started with nothing. Truly nothing. I prayed. The first line of my story is: I’m not even sure what I’m doing, but here I go anyway. So began my novel, with the main character adopting that line as her beginnings in my evolving story. (I use the word ‘novel’ rather loosely as I have never written one before and that is the goal of NaNo .. to write a 50000 word novel, or the beginnings of a longer one.)

With that first line the character took over, fleshed out as we went along, became a real person in my creative mind. She has a mother, a best friend, a boyfriend, a mystery person to learn about, a ‘treasure’ to research and find, and a whole set of emotions, fears, desires, irritations, and challenges to keep her going. Plus, there is a little humour woven in which makes it more real. (What is life without humour?)  And did I mention? .. there is an undercurrent of the paranormal in the mix.

When I stopped writing at just before midnight on November 30, 2010, my characters (the list had grown by three more essential ones) had complicated the plot considerably. It had become exciting to write this story. In fact, whenever one particular character appeared in a scene I would get chills right down my spine every time!  What’s with that? And the personalities were developing so that I had quite an assortment interacting with one another. It was amazing to me!

When I stopped writing … I set them all aside. I had three different conflicts to resolve. I had a vague idea of where the story was going, but no clear direction of how to get there.

I left the story untouched, read it through months later and was amazed – not because I thought it was genius (which I didn’t), but because it came out of my imagination. With a pen and a large binder full of paper this whole adventure appeared. That is amazing to me.

I put it away.

Then entered NaNoWriMo 2011. Another large binder full of paper, the desire to finish what I had started last year, but …

I found it was so difficult to pick up and keep going with this story. I chose to do that, though, because I really want to see how this story will turn out before I start creating a new one. Only this time it is not flowing the way it did last year. This time it is a struggle. But .. more has come to light, my main character has a summer job now, the intensity is growing, the twists and turns add depth and drama. I seem to be going deeper into conflict, which means it will be more challenging to find my way out .. to help my characters find satisfactory resolutions.

But, you know .. I love it! Is this what it means to be a writer?

Learning as I go, I know that I have to work out my time line so that things connect and not remain disjointed. Therein lies the biggest challenge for me, equal to sorting out the small details to make it all work. Hopefully, that will all come together in the editing.

I know this novel may never go anywhere, but I can dream, can’t I? Maybe it will be of interest to someone. Maybe it has to wait its time before being picked up. But .. I digress ..

I have a story to complete in four days! I have mysteries to solve, people’s lives to sort out, justice to be served.  Yes, and a treasure to find. Even I don’t yet know for sure where it is. I have to write!

This is a fitting place to end this post, but I want to add that I am also participating in PiBoIdMo this year, as I did last year. I have been trying to come up with an idea a day for picture books. That is another challenge, and a fun one. I haven’t found one every day, but almost, and on some days I came up with more than one. By the end of this month my total should be 30 ideas, one for each of the 30 days of November. Right now I stand at 37 ideas .. so really, I have already won! 🙂 I am learning even more this year about writing for children, and I love it. Thanks to Tara Lazar, a creative spirit and author of children’s books. ( )

I have much do to, but .. first I must write!

Any comments?  If you are a writer, what do you most love about the process?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

NaNoWriMo word count update

It’s not looking good for winning NaNo this year if you consider I have five days in which to complete, but at least I made it just past 10000 words tonight.

I didn’t get as much writing done today as I would have liked, but I was distracted (sure do have a hard time with that!) … and I spent quality time with Dad. He would have said, “You go write!” but that’s not fair to him so I set my writing aside and we worked on word puzzles and a jigsaw puzzle together. It has been an exceptionally good week thus far, for which I’m thankful.

I would continue writing more on my NaNo novel tonight but it is past midnight and I think I hear my pillow calling me.

In case you didn’t notice, I added a new blog page called NaNoWriMo Updates (2011) on which I am keeping track of my progress.  (Note the pretty badges I am awarding myself as I go along.) I have been the tortoise in this event, but I’m hoping to morph into the hare near the end and win this challenge – and thereby finish my novel. We shall see what happens. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and believing in me … and Creative Musings!  🙂

Distractions, distractions .. umm, what was I doing?

Just a little sidetrack here. Of course. I am supposed to be NaNo writing.

But ..

did I ever mention I think my middle name was supposed to be ‘Procrastination’ with a nickname of ‘Distracted’?  Yes, it is true. I procrastinate. No surprise, if you know me at all.

And look at what I found at





Yep! That’s me, like a moth to a flame.

Is the computer on, did someone comment on my blog? write me an email? tweet something interesting?

Is there another appealing book close by to read? A website to visit? a link to check out? a new post to read on someone’s blog that I follow .. or that someone tweets about? (I’d hate to miss something good.)

Is a friend waiting to chat?

Oh dear.

Like a moth to a flame.

Now, what was I was doing?


Oh, wait! Someone just tweeted me a recipe for …

oh yeah.  distractions, distractions.

NaNo novel, here I come!

How about you? Do you ever have this problem?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings.  🙂


My embarrassing NaNoWriMo confession

It started out with the right thought – that since I ‘won’ in NaNo last year I should try to finish my novel started last year.  Reasonable, right?

And since I kept a running update last year, posting every day for the month of November to keep my readers informed of my progress – and to keep myself motivated – it seemed right that I should do the same thing this year. Makes sense, right?


Last year I knew believed I could do it. I was determined stubborn determined enough to keep at it so that I DID do it. This year my motivation is not the same, but I do have a goal — to finish writing my 2010 NaNo novel.

Interruptions Procrastination got in the way took over.  Well, that’s a little harsh, Lynn, don’t you think? Life happens. … tap tap tap … oh alright! I didn’t take it on with the same sense of motivation this time. There, I said it. I let myself fail flounder face plant.  (And, yes, I talk to myself give myself pep talks.)

Okay, here’s the thing. If I keep an ongoing record showing my progress lack of adequate progress in 2011 NaNo, I will both embarrass myself and risk being a disappointment to anyone possibly believing in me. (um, is there really anyone out there fitting that description?) *sigh* It really is not that hard. All you do is write!  Right?

Who am I kidding? When one’s muse just doesn’t want to play, then … it’s not happening!  (yes, okay, when one does not commit whole-heartedly to the project it is already doomed at serious risk.)

So, what to do? It is in the early hours of day 25 of NaNoWriMo 2011. I am ashamed embarrassed to admit that I have enough words written to equal a tally for day … 5.  (hangs head) Yep, day 5.

Want to read something really funny? Here are my stats on my NaNo page, especially note the estimated date of completion:

Your Average Per Day .. 363

Words Written Today .. 1,321

Target Word Count .. 50,000

Target Average Words Per Day .. 1,667

Total Words Written .. 8,722

Words Remaining .. 41,278

Current Day .. 24

Days Remaining .. 7

At This Rate You Will Finish On .. March 16, 2012   <— Hilarious! 🙂

Words Per Day To Finish On Time .. 5,897   <– Yikes!

I. am. in. trouble.  (note to self, don’t write that way often, it disturbs some writers.)   I am in trouble.

So, what to do? Easy. Just WRITE!

Get some sleep, then write. nap, then write. do what you have to do, then WRITE WRITE WRITE.

The crazy thing is, I still believe I can do this! Isn’t that crazy? And I am going to make a new page for my 2011 NaNoWriMo progress report. Now THAT is crazy motivating, but ..

I. am. going. to. try.  (oops! refer to note to self above.)

If I manage to complete with 50000 words, please don’t expect to hear from me for awhile. I will be celebrating sleeping.  😉

Comments, anyone?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

I’m a NaNo Rebel

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m a NaNo Rebel.

Last year, November 2010, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and met the goal of 50,000 words, going over by about 265 or so.  I started with nothing and got the main part of a novel written .. if it can be edited to be suitable as one, that is. I even kept track here on my blog by making daily reports.  This year, although my available time has changed considerably, I decided to try again – but as a Rebel.

What’s a NaNo Rebel, you ask? Someone who is participating in NaNoWriMo and bending the rules a bit. (There is actually a category for rebels, so it’s not considered cheating.) Instead of starting from scratch I am picking up where I stopped last year with the purpose of finishing the story I left unfinished. I ‘won’ last year by writing over 50000 words, but the story itself has not been completed. I would like to finish it during this year’s challenge, otherwise I may never get back to it.

You also may wonder how I am doing this time. Not well, I’m sorry to say. I got off to a slow start, not writing anything until day 7, and then I wrote less than 500 words. That is not good at all, seeing as by that time I should have had over 11000 words down. The ideal is to write 1667 words a day, so for day 22 (today) I should have over 36600 words written, but .. you guessed it! I’m nowhere near that number. I have over 5000 words written but much less than where it should be at this late date in the 30 days allotted.  I’m in big trouble if I want to ‘win’ NaNoWriMo this time. Or should I see it as a HUGE challenge and try to get ‘er done anyway?

I also am again participating in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) and have several more than the 22 ideas needed by this date. I’m not worried there, but I believe that I have fewer really good ideas this year. A scarce few of those may make good picture books, but I’m sort of pulling them from the bottom of the barrel, it seems.

I’m wondering if the way I have to divide my life now is what’s making the difference. My muse is not sure when to come out to play anymore. 🙂

Oh, well, I will keep plugging away at it.

Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo this year? Do you try any other writing challenges?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


Birthdays and Blessings

(I have tried to post this since November 17 but WP was not working properly for me at home! Trying on other computer, so please keep in mind the time is not accurate now.)

Yesterday – November 16 – was my birthday. Do I look any older to you?
I didn’t have a big party, but I did enjoy dinner out with my sister and my dad.

I didn’t sink into a depression, either; I’ve learned that that doesn’t solve anything.

I just quietly grew one day older, but that one day stepped me over into a new year of my life.
Another opportunity to live better, do more, try harder, dream bigger … and grow another year older.

Yesterday and today I heard from a few friends and family members with greetings by phone calls, Skype, text messages, and emails. Being remembered is heart-warming. One friend, upon realizing he was a day late, wished me a happy un-birthday, my first of this new year of my life! 🙂 I enjoyed a few cards via Canada Post, and I received a few gifts which added the fun factor.

Have I changed in that one day, the day that marks the number of years I have been permitted thus far? Not really. I’m still wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, caregiver, … blogger and all those other things.
I’m still weary, I’m still trying to do more than I have the energy to do well, I’m still hopeful that I will write something meaningful enough to make a difference, I still deeply love the same people who are precious to me, I still learn something new nearly every day no matter how small, I still plan to do the occasional adventurous thing such as sky-dive, and I continue my walk with the Lord and hope for His plan for me to be fulfilled.
In short, that one day was simply a continuation of my life with a few fun extras tucked in – and with no regrets. Another day of blessings.

Am I getting older? of course! But I like to think I’m also getting better. One can hope.

Do you do anything special to celebrate your birthdays? What is your perspective on the whole ‘aging thing’?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂