What is your passion?

I’ve been thinking today about what is my passion – where I put my efforts, how I use my time. Besides being with my beloved husband and my family, that is. This week I am working more on Valley Sunshine publication, hoping my duplicating machine won’t quit on me again. During the printing of the last issue my antiquated machine broke down but, strangely, when the repairman finally was able to come out to look at it, I tried it and it worked again! Now, I don’t know for how long it will be functional, but it means I can print off this issue, or at least for as long as it prints off the pages. That is one place I put my time – writing, compiling, sharing the Lord and His word through this little publication. I enjoy the contact with my readers/subscribers.

And you know I like to write stories, but I haven’t been able to really settle into being creative that way the last several months – except for book reviews and a few interviews. Working on my novel is something I have yet to mold into my life again, but I am really enjoying blogging. Because of time restrictions now I don’t get to visit many of the blogs I follow, though.

Another thing is, of course, reading books. Last week I began reading War and Peace which is four books in one, and I learned that it took Leo Tolstoy six years to write it! I figure it will probably take me a year to read it. 🙂 At least.  But I also have several other books on the go at the same time, so I will keep adding titles to my “have read” list for this year.

But I think my greatest passion is worship – worshiping the Lord, and being in fellowship with other Christians to “be the Church” with them. It is uplifting and joyful and a blessing to all involved. Part of that is talking about God’s Word, learning more and sharing about it .. such wonderful food for the soul. Religion does not quicken my spirit, but relationship with Him does.

So, what is your passion? Where or how do you most like to spend your time?  Do you enjoy creating? If so, what? Do you like to travel? If so, where and how?

What is your passion?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂




4 responses to “What is your passion?

  1. I’ve been accused of having way too many hobbies* and that’s probably true. But it wasn’t until you asked the question “What is your passion?” that I realized why I have so many things I love to do. My passion is filling my life with joy. The people in my life and things I do are all about living with with as much happiness as I can create.

    *Hobbies/passions include: Writing, art journaling, traveling (all over the world), reading, teaching, running, (outside, of course!), and nature.


    • You seem to have a full and satisfying life, C.B. I like your attitude. You follow up the interest with doing something about it.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing about your passion. 🙂


  2. That is a good question Lynn. As an employment coach, I ask it of my clients often. I believe people are only truly satisfied and do a good job when they are following their passion. So what is my passion? I guess it is helping people realize their dreams. That may be helping them find suitable employment, improving their English skills in order to have a better life in Canada (I am also an ESL teacher) or writing a book that may encourage someone to travel to new countries and learn new cultures. I am pretty lucky as everything I do revolves around my passion. I just never thought of it that way before.


    • It is wonderful that you have been able to tap into the things that are your passion, Darlene. Not everyone can say they have been following their dream or passion, or that they even like what they do. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad to have inspired a little thinking about that. 🙂


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