Do you enjoy the quiet … or are you afraid of it?

Today has been very quiet here.  Because my husband had to work all weekend – not his usual – and I had no way to church today, I sat at home and read my Bible for four hours in a quiet house.  No radio, no TV, no music playing — only quiet.  Delectable!  🙂

It is my habit to have the radio turned on most of the day – to listen to interviews and such once in a while, but mostly I listen to teachings and music on the Christian station.  Once today I turned it on, but only for a few minutes while I cooked and ate my breakfast, then off it went again.  And no TV at all today.  Not even set on a music station for ‘background’.  I didn’t even turn on my computer until the afternoon!  Now that is a biggie!

Do you know how tempting it was to turn on the radio while I was doing the dishes?  or later while having lunch or supper?  I resisted.  Why?  You know, I’m not even sure why I did that today.  It just was so peaceful here when I got up this morning, and since it is Sunday I decided to read for a few hours with no distractions.  Well, none except the little dog needing to go outside a couple of times, and wind and hail beating on the windows – which is a wholly different distraction.   Nothing major or constant, though.   Then I was enjoying the tranquility so much I stuck with it.  All day.

Have you ever done that?  Have you ever lived in a day of ‘quiet’ by choice?

I wonder why we think we have to always have noise going on around us – music, or constant talking, or something mindless .. as if we can’t stand our own company.  Are we afraid of the ‘aloneness’?  Do we avoid the quiet?  How does God get through to us when we aren’t allowing ourselves to listen?  And what about our own thoughts?  Do we even have any quality thinking time of our own?

Maybe reading is much the same thing except it is not coming at us in the form of noise from the outside.  But reading expands our minds, doesn’t it?  We do have to form our own images, they aren’t coming at us ready-made.  Hopefully we’re choosing good things to store in our brains because I believe it all blends together in there and comes out somehow sometime.  Maybe in the form of a bestseller!  😉

So, what do you think about all of the above?  And do you enjoy the quiet … or are you afraid of it?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings.  🙂

PS – at the time of writing this it was still Sunday but it will be just past midnight, so into Monday at time of posting.


8 responses to “Do you enjoy the quiet … or are you afraid of it?

  1. I enjoy quiet, but I don’t get enough of it. Sometimes when I go to bed, I purposely lie awake for a few hours just listening to the quiet, meditating, and doing my best to hear His voice only. I enjoyed your post. Blessings to you, Lynn…


    • Thank you for this insight. It’s good to just listen. I need it very quiet when get to that part of my day, and one can feel very close to God with the other stuff not assaulting one’s ears – when thinking and listening are not interrupted.
      Thanks for sharing, Carol Ann.


  2. I love the quiet. Most of my family is the opposite. They want music on, tv or something to fill in the quiet. ME? I feel like a partypooper b/c I’m constantly saying, “Can we just turn it all off?”


    • Now that it’s just my husband and me here (at least for awhile longer) it should be easier to have it quiet during the days. But I have discovered that I turn things not just on but UP … so having it quiet is refreshing. When we have power outages — wow! — SO quiet and restorative to one’s mind.
      Don’t feel as if you are robbing your family, Donna. Encourage a set time each day for quiet and see if it becomes a waited-for habit for them. It may be something they will be grateful for as time goes on.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. “Be still and know that I am GOD” (Psalm 46:10a).
    I believe this tiny portion contains treasures abundant for the heart willing to hear Him speak. How can we hear Him if we are filling up our ears with the cluttering sounds of radio & TV? No, I’m not afraid of the silence, even when He speaks correction, though not always easy for me to hear but I know that He has the best in mind for me. It is also wonderful when He shows me something in His Word that I had not understood quite so well before. 🙂 Bring on the silence so I can “be still….”


    • Great Scripture verse. 🙂

      When life crowds in on us and the quiet is hard to find, it’s even more of a treasure. These days there is hardly anywhere one can go where there isn’t music blaring, but at home I have the choice. I have to choose ‘quiet’ more often.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  4. I don’t get many “alone” days. TV has always been a part of my life. But over the last few years, TV has been such a luxury. I love my TiVo so I can record then watch my favs whenever I can (usually my alone time). My husband is pretty much deaf, so when we watch TV together, it’s usually too loud for me. My level of TV viewing is much softer! 🙂 But when I do have days where hubby has a doctor’s appointment and son is off to school and I have to come home early to pick him up, my quiet time, is absolute quiet. It is a joy. Even at work, there is no quiet. The humming of all the electronics, white noise, and people talking on phones is not really quiet. Although I can tune things out, I really can appreciate it when there is absolute silence!


    • I am so glad you find some time for quiet and alone time. They really are necessary for healthy mind and body, I believe. Thank you for sharing, LadyJai. 🙂


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