Is the book as we know it disappearing?

I have been observing.  There is a lot of discussion in all arenas about the traditional book eventually disappearing from use.  This is mainly because of e-books – those online electronic books you can download to read, and whatever else technology will – and has already – come up with to simplify things for us.  Just to let you know … I am not educated in that because I love books as they are and have been for centuries!  Well, the scroll was a little difficult to handle and pack around, maybe, but .. you get my point.

I am not interested in reading a book on a hand-held device, nor am I excited about sitting at the computer to read one on the screen. I am all for holding a made-from-paper-and-ink writing, turning those pages and flipping back and forth as I need to, underlining or highlighting (did I hear a gasp?) when the occasion calls for it – which is rarely because I also use bookmarks and sticky tabs.   I fill my bookcases with old favourites (some saved from my childhood), and soon-to-be-loved stories.   I have books all over the place, a few in the living room and our bedroom, many in my publishing room, my ‘computer room’, the main room downstairs, and even packed away in boxes in our storage room.  My husband, not a voracious reader, also has a few titles on hand.

Most of my children’s storybooks I have kept, and my grandson now enjoys those. I have books that made me laugh out loud, made me cry (and hide behind), pulled me in so deep I didn’t hear anything going on around me.  I have books the Lord used to teach me something important. And there are many volumes in my collection which I have yet to cuddle up with and appreciate their written pages.   Somehow, I doubt very much that I could enjoy an electronic book the same way, it would even be annoying to me.

I don’t get to the library much at all anymore.  There was a time when I would take my daughters there to pick out books for their extra reading, and that was fun for us.  I borrowed several for myself when I was taking a writing course and wanted to read the ones mentioned in it.  But I prefer to own the books I read, I like to gather them and add them to my own personal collection.  Would I feel the same way about having them filed in a little electronic device?  I doubt it!  It is NOT the same thing!

So, is the way of the traditional book one of antiquity?  Is it disappearing?  Will my great-grandchildren not even know what it is to own a printed-on-paper book, to smell its ‘bookness’, to experience the thrill of a page-turning story on paper filled with bright pictures and powerful words?

Now I ask you …. what do you think?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


10 responses to “Is the book as we know it disappearing?

  1. I agree with you! There is no way we will go without books! 🙂


  2. I don’t think paper will totally go “out of style” particularly since readers of all ages, including very young readers, prefer the “old fashioned” paper book. And of course, who wants only an Electric Bible anyway? We surely can’t access that “off the grid.”


  3. I don’t think I could ever give up my books. And as for my great grandchildren not knowing what it is like to own a book, I would like to think that at least some copies of my own book will be passed down to them. 🙂

    This is an interesting topic!


    • I think our children in the following generations would be VERY deprived if not given at least the choice of the traditional book. And I’m sure your books will be proudly passed down, no worries there. 🙂
      Thanks for your interest in commenting, Laura. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. After using both I prefer books.
    BUT I would prefer that when you bought a real book, you could get the e-book version as well so if it’s late at night or if you’re travelling you don’t have to lug it around.


    • Now that is an interesting idea, a kind of two-for-one deal. But I’m glad to know you prefer books. 🙂
      I do understand, though, about lugging books around when travelling, especially the larger volumes.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again. 🙂


  5. I have my own collection of paper books and find that I can’t give them up. But have reached a stage in life where traveling light looms large. I find it difficult to part with those books of choice on paper.
    Will I send them to a good home? Sounds silly I know yet, what was found on the pages is precious.
    My E book now provides me hours of reading pleasure without the battle of what to do with the book when finished. My life is now about declutter.
    So the E book allows me to read and enjoy and not clutter up with books I can’t let go. There are those books of course where paper is the only choice.


    • Your comment has made me think, Grayce, and that is a good thing. I hadn’t thought so much about decluttering as I did about collecting. 🙂 I did manage to give some of my books to a church to add to their small library in its beginnings, but most of my books I hate to part with at this point, although the ones boxed up may find a new home – out of necessity – in a further attempt to declutter.
      I certainly appreciate your view on this. Thanks so much for posting, I hope you come again. 🙂


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