Twitter is taking over my life!

Yes, it’s true.  I am spending too much time checking tweets posted by my Twitter Followers, and by other Twitter users I am following.  It doesn’t take long to do, but … do I have to do it so often?!  Geeeeesh!

It took me awhile to get the hang of it, and even now I don’t understand some things about using Twitter, but it certainly is a huge community in which to mingle – and that makes it fun and interesting.

I am ‘meeting’ such fascinating people.  So many writers!  I love it!  And I have connected (as a Follower) to some famous and not so famous (yet) Christian authors.  Gotta love that!  My horizon is expanding.

As for myself … well, I post the occasional tweet, hoping it will be of interest to someone who reads it.  Who knows?  I could be the instrument of God’s blessing to someone, or just make them smile.

But … I have writing of my own to do.  I have Valley Sunshine publication to catch up on – two issues, in fact – because I took a break during the summer.   Now I am so far behind in my responsibility, but with effort – and listening to the Voice of the One Who leads me – I will catch up.   There are people waiting for their issues, so I have to get busy.   And NaNoWriMo is coming up in November, for which I want to make a space in my life.

So, Twitter .. wait for me.  I will be back.  Often.

To you my reader, what role does Twitter play in your life?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


10 responses to “Twitter is taking over my life!

  1. Hey! I met you on twitter! 🙂 I too have only recently become more active. It is a lot of fun, but can certainly steal the time. Keep in touch!


  2. I have a Twitter account but I don’t go on much. Maybe if I had it with my phone I would feel differently. I have Facebook too but I seem to stay in blogger most of the day. I will tweet something every once in awhile. Have a nice weekend.


    • Thanks, Debby, for posting. If I knew your Twitter name I could “follow” you, mine is Lynn_A_Davidson should you want to follow me.
      I don’t use Facebook at all, but my daughters all do to various degrees.
      I am just beginning to realize the possibilities in online social networking.

      You, too, have a nice weekend. 🙂


  3. In a word..Dial-up. It sort of puts a damper on my twitter use. That may or may not be a bad thing. I agree it’s a bit addictive but, like you, I’m meeting new people and that’s always fun.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo! November will soon be here.


    • Hi, Laura. I am still on Dial-up, too. Maybe that is why I am on here so long, it takes longer to do anything. 🙂 (That’s my weak attempt at an excuse.)
      Yes, it is fun meeting new people and I am learning what networking really means. I’m also grateful for the chance it has given me to be in touch with you regularly since we met in person – almost a year ago already!

      I am excited about NaNoWriMo, but a bit nervous. It’s my hope that it will lead me into a wider place in my writing.

      Thanks for your input and support. 🙂


  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, Lynn! I’m looking forward to seeing more tweets. 🙂


    • Hey, Donna! I am sure there will be more tweets. 🙂
      I’m hoping to get stories, poems, songs written before the year is over, too, and continuing into 2011. Big dreams? Maybe, but having these connections is stimulating – seeing so many writers out there doing what they love.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  5. Twitter is an amazing thing. I’ve made some excellent contacts–some business, some social, some both.


    • Hi Kathy, thanks for posting. I have read your testimony on your blog and wow! To say God is good just isn’t enough, is it?
      I am finding Twitter to be amazing, too, and very time-consuming since I don’t want to miss what anyone says in case it is important and useful. 🙂 There must be a better method to help me keep up that I have yet to discover.

      I appreciate your comment. Hope to see you back. 🙂


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