Coyotes! So what has awakened you lately?

A few mornings ago I was rudely awakened at 5:00 AM.  What yanked me out of a deep sleep was high pitched whiny, shrill screaming, or so it seemed.  It took me only milliseconds to realize that what I was hearing was a pack of coyotes.  They were so loud that I thought they were right out in the field by our house, but it seems they were a little further away than that.  Sure coulda fooled me at the time!

My first concern was for the young calves in the herd out in the pasture, but later I learned that the cattle were content and unconcerned.  Perhaps the pack was hunting deer.  Then this morning on my walk I discovered hundreds of porcupine quills along both sides of one section of the road.  Maybe the older coyotes were teaching their young to hunt.  Could that have been the final result of one animal’s life, one conquest of the hunt?

It is always startling to me when coyotes begin their communication so suddenly, increasing in volume as they all chime in … somewhere out there in the night.  It sends chills down one’s back to hear them howl, yip, bark, almost scream … a few at a time, then in pleasing unison across the hills to one another.  Their voices  – young mingling with mature – carry far, filling the darkness with haunting, unnerving song that rises and falls, then just as abruptly — stops.   A few final rambunctious young ‘yip yips’, then nothing.   Silence.

Amazing, fascinating, alarming.       Spooky.

Have you encountered something in your life that has come with just such surprise?  Something that has left you quaking in your slippers?  Have you been awestruck?  Or has it shown you something more amazing, something that you didn’t know about yourself?

Has it inspired you to write, dream, attempt something new, or maybe even change course?  Do you feel emboldened?

What has awakened you lately?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Coyotes! So what has awakened you lately?

  1. It’s been some time since we’ve heard any coyotes but I know they are still about.Hard to believe that years ago they didn’t even exist in these parts.

    I haven’t felt very inspired this past week it’s been a bit rough. But in time I’ll be itching to get back into my WIP. Right now I just need a little time off.


    • Yes, and now there are cougars in our province, although most people do not want to believe the evidence.

      Laura, you have been very busy. Creatives need to rest and be restored, too, you know, so the juices will flow again. Congrats on Bitter, Sweet going into a second printing, by the way. How exciting for you!

      Thank you for being my most faithful visitor and commenter.


  2. There are lots of coyotes around us, so their howling doesn’t usually startle me. Seeing them in my yard is a bit frightening as my beagle wouldn’t stand a chance against a coyote, but otherwise we don’t have any critters to worry about. I used to raise pheasants but quit when a hunt club opened up next door. I don’t know if it was hunters or coyotes that did it, but I never see pheasants anymore.

    I’ve had nightmares most of my life, and got ideas for my suspense novel from the recurring ones. That’s on hold right now though as I’m working on a romance novel.

    I haven’t had a chance to read your other blog posts yet, but look forward to coming back soon.



    • Hello Carol, and welcome! There is a variety of wildlife around us here, and I appreciate all of it. The coyotes make the most impact I think, from running along our fence in the daytime to their nighttime chorus which is usually the way we know they are around.

      I hadn’t thought of using nightmares for storylines, probably because they are not fun to revisit. Interesting idea.

      Thank you for commenting, and I look forward to your return visits.


  3. I remember hearing a coyote on a camping trip with my dad when I was about 12. He finally got up and shot it! 🙂

    A near death experience woke me up and made me think about the things that really matter. Day to day though I still find myself forgetting…


    • I guess you won’t soon forget that camping trip! whew!

      I have a cousin who had a near death experience, too. You have found out that God uses whatever it takes to get our attention, taking those bad experiences we have and working His good in and through them for our benefit. It is so easy to forget as we go about our daily living, but how important it is to keep to the Truth.

      Thanks for writing, Esther, and I hope you visit again. 🙂


  4. Hmmm. Well…no coyotes, but… Several years ago I was suddenly awakened to the abrupt swoosh/crash of the window shade flying up to the top of the window. For a second or two, I was so stunned that I didn’t know what was going on. I soon discovered that my cat, who is usually quiet and pristine, had seen a moth and decided to practically go wild at the thought of capturing the poor thing. What a way to wake up! I certainly did not need any coffee that morning. What did I learn? Replace the shades with blinds.


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