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Do you feel safe on the Internet?

While visiting another writer’s blog I was inspired to write on a related topic, but then something else came up, something on the news. The original topic will have to wait because this is something that has been brewing in my brain for awhile now.

How do you feel about Online Safety?

There is so much going wrong in that department. We often hear on the news about children at risk, and not only children. Too often there are stories about minors of all ages being lured into dangerous situations and relationships. Even adults of all walks of life get tricked into placing themselves in harm’s way. The Internet has become an easy tool to target the unsuspecting and vulnerable.

Admittedly, I post things about myself but I rarely mention personal details about my family members, nor do I call them by name or post pictures of them. And my children are all grown, but I have a young grandson. Maybe someday I will feel differently, but my concern is that I would put them at risk should I post information that would potentially lead the wrong person to them. What my daughters post on their own is up to them, though. I have no control over that anymore. I wish I did.

It amazes me how much personal information people feel free to tell in such a worldwide public venue. What has happened to privacy? There is so much talk these days about not allowing one’s children to get into websites that could eventually hook them up with the wrong people who make it their business to stalk the innocent. Then on the other hand … what I don’t understand is that there are parents/guardians who probably are concerned that way about their own children and would not allow them – when they become old enough to use a computer – to share things online that would put them at risk … but, those same parents/guardians share information and photos of those same loved children because they are proud of them – and rightfully so. But, where is the line, though? That is my question?

What I am glad about is that there are qualified, skilled people who track and hunt down offenders who – by using the Internet to get to them – violate the safety and rights of our most vulnerable. It takes a lot of dedication to find those perpetrators, and I applaud their commitment.

So, how do you feel about it? When is it not safe to share on the Internet? And when it is no problem?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂