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A little misery, a little excitement!, and something for you

 A little misery

Remember in my July 31 post I mentioned sore throat issues? yes, well … I went to the clinic the next day and it’s a good thing I did. Fever, laryngitis caused by inflammation, sore throat caused by infection — I needed medical help. The young doctor (aren’t most of them young these days – as in the age of my children? what’s up with that!) gave me prescriptions to start the healing process.

Two prescriptions, one was only one tablet. One. But it was powerful. The idea was to make me feel better by evening, which it did. The catch? The pharmacist warned me to not take it at bedtime or I wouldn’t sleep, so I took it after a necessarily late dinner (early afternoon). And did I sleep? Nope! Not much. I didn’t drop off until somewhere around 2:30 AM followed by howling, barking neighbourhood dogs rudely waking me at 3:00! I was NOT happy.

And I had a difficult time getting back to sleep. I didn’t do much more than restless tossing and turning between short naps after that, until I heard Dad get up all-too-soon. There ended my chance to wrestle illusive sleep into submission, until my respite arrived mid-morning for the one full day I have scheduled. Misery and I took advantage of that time.

It’s been a less than delightful week for me, health-wise, but it could have been worse. Maybe a week of rest at home and the round of penicillin will do the trick.

It’s also been hot and humid this week, but today we were blessed with refreshing, much-needed rain – a downpour with a glorious crashing thunderstorm. I really enjoy that particular drama of nature. At one point the sun broke through in the midst of the rain – so beautiful! It’s been too dry here this summer, not at all good for the crops, so today’s soaking was welcome.

Thank you for the whine time; I appreciate it.  🙂  Now for  …

A little excitement!

For those of you who enjoy the writing and creative successes of Delia Ephron – and hopefully you read my review of her new book The Lion Is In – guess what? Ms. Ephron has graciously agreed to an interview here on my blog! Yay! I’m a little excited. Well, okay, more than a little. I am squeal-in-excitement excited! She is a renowned, very talented writer and seems like such a nice lady – I am looking forward to the interview. Watch for that coming up soon. 🙂

and something for you

Yes, dear readers, there is something for you. Well, one of you. After you all get to read my interview with Delia Ephron, leave a comment and then ONE of you will win a copy of The Lion Is In from the publisher, Blue Rider Press. How great is that! The only drawback is that the publisher has stipulated the winner must not live outside Canada or the US. Please comment anyway, though, because I always want to know your thoughts and opinions. My blog has no boundary limitations. 🙂

What has your summer been like so far? Any miseries? Excitement? Surprises?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



Great stuff added to my Writers’ Helps page!

Last week was a different one at home as I was trying to get over an upper respiratory thing that tackled me. It started before I left my caregiving duties for the week; I woke every morning with a sore throat, and here I am again still hoping to soon get over this! He appears to be fine again, had it before I did but not completely the same way as it didn’t hold on long. I, on the other hand, can’t seem to shake it. It’s not a cold but my voice is raspy and my throat gets tired quickly, so I am not talking much.

Hear the silence?  *crickets chirping*)

It acts like laryngitis but without total loss of voice, so whatever it is seems to have settled around my larynx for a lengthy stay. Have you had anything similar this season? (I hope you’re enjoying a healthy summer.)

I planned to get a book review written by now, but which will come in my next post instead. This one is to let you know that you can find some new things added to my Writers’ Helps page, including a new category. In it you will find a link to music by Lee Fitzsimmons for your promotional book trailer! yay! And I’m loving the free music. (Be sure to contact Lee and remember to give him credit for creating the music you select.)

I hope when you check out my Writers’ Helps page that you’ll find something of use to you there, maybe even music for your book. 🙂 You will also find a link to Free Rice which is a challenging and educational word game. It makes for a fun change when you need a break from your writing, and in a big way it helps others at the same time. It might even give you ideas for whatever creative writing you’re working on. I will warn you though, you may want to set a timer so you don’t spend too much time playing the game. 😉  Yes, it is that captivating.

Also, I very much appreciate the feedback I receive on my posts. I enjoy the interaction, and it’s so interesting reading your comments. I’m learning from you as we make progress in our writing journeys. 🙂  Thank you.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂