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Writer Waiting – a poem by Shel Silverstein

I’ve been reading Shel Silverstein’s work; one of his books of poetry is Runny Babbit: a Billy Sook that I read in December – as you can see on my “Books I read in 2017” page. On my “Books I read in 2018” page I listed others of his I’ve read this month – A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, and now I’m reading Where the Sidewalk Ends. I don’t know how I missed reading him before this. I even discovered that The Unicorn – a song sung by The Irish Rovers – is a poem by Shel Silverstein! There are a few other familiar verses that turn out to have been written by him, as well.

Today I want to share one of his poems that I especially like, from page 58 of Falling Up – –

Writer Waiting

Oh this shiny new computer –
There just ain’t nothin’ cuter.
It knows everything the world ever knew.
And with this great computer
I don’t need no writin’ tutor,
‘Cause there ain’t a single thing that it can’t do.
It can sort and it can spell,
It can punctuate as well.
It can find and fill and underline and type.
It can edit and select,
It can copy and correct,
So I’ll have a whole book written by tonight
(Just as soon as it can think of what to write.)

Isn’t that a good one, especially if you are trying to think of something to write? 🙂

Do you have a favourite Shel Silverstein poem? Or someone else’s poem that speaks to you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂

Month of Poetry (MoP)

Do you like poetry?   I often prefer to write it more than read it, which seems strange, I’m sure.  But then I find poetry sometimes that is a great read and all is well.  🙂

During PiBoIdMo in November, I learned of MoP Month of Poetry.  I said then that I would consider attempting the challenge which was scheduled for January.  When this month arrived, if you have been keeping up with my posts, you know – I was involved with family things and being so busy that I forgot about #MoP until a few days in.  Since it was still okay to sign up I joined seven days into it.  Then for day two, here is my offering:

A poem a day
What was I thinking!
Rhyme, rhythm, cadence
My eyes are blinking.

My verse is too tight
There’s much I don’t know
For thirty-one days
My words have to flow

Well … so I’m not a great poet, but that’s not the point, anyway.  (fortunately for me)  The inadequacies were creeping in, but once I got  over myself they disappeared.  The main thing is to have fun trying, writing and reading poetry, and we are learning some new styles and forms as we go along.  Plus Kat (the originator and host of this challenge) has a few guest bloggers to encourage and educate us.  It’s all good and I am enjoying it, and the fact that this challenge is set in Australia.

So, if you are interested in accepting the challenge to write a poem a day this month follow this link before opportunity to sign up ends.  http://monthofpoetry.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/whos-in-month-of-poetry-2011/

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂