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Is that SPRING I see?!

Here in Nova Scotia we have had what we call an “open winter”, meaning we have not been buried under several feet of snow for most of it. We haven’t had major storm after storm, or ice storms, which we have suffered in past years. This year we have experienced very few snowfalls of any consequence.

Am I complaining? … Do pigs have wings?

   No, I mean for REAL!

Of course not.

BUT … today I saw Spring.  Yes, I did!




Did you catch that?

Look again:


YAY!  This to me is a sure sign of Spring. And not just one robin did I see, but a small flock of them – foraging on the ground and sitting in the trees.

Oh my gosh!  Can it be true?   








Now, I realize two things about the above.  First: Winter is not officially over yet and we are sure to get more snow, but the robins are out in the open when usually we don’t see them until sometime in March. I have never seen them this early in the year. Second: It is not good writing form to use so many exclamation points, but … gosh dern it! I saw robins today! And that always makes me happy!  🙂

How about you? Have you seen any signs of Spring yet?

(Photos not mine)

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂