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Book review: The Stranded Whale – by Jane Yolen


Book: The Stranded Whale
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Melanie Cataldo
Publisher: Candlewick
Date: July 15, 2015
Genre: picture book for ages 5-9
Pages: 32
Price: hardcover $13.98
My Rating: a gently-told story that brings awareness 

While on their way home for supper one day, a young girl discovers a whale stranded on the beach. With the tide going out she insists on helping it, so her two brothers pitch in.They know they have to keep it wet, so they dip their sweaters into the ocean and repeatedly squeeze water onto the whale. Of course, it doesn’t do much good, but they want to try to save the helpless creature. When other helpers arrive there is a combined effort – almost like a party atmosphere. This was before modern-day environmental knowledge and large-scale rescues.

The author has dealt with a harsh reality, bringing awareness of such tragic occurrences in nature, in her practiced art of storytelling. Jane Yolen wrote a story that, hopefully, will inspire young readers to become more interested in marine biology or another field of environmental study. At the very least, The Stranded Whale is a well-presented story that informs in a gentle manner – both in Jane Yolen’s words and in Melanie Cataldo’s subdued realistic illustrations.

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