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Those wonderful kitchen gadgets! .. or .. Oops!

So far 2015 has consisted of family challenges – some of which I will mention later – but today I want to tell you about something that will probably – hopefully – give you a good laugh.

One of my daughters received a small microwave potato chip maker last Christmas, one of those fun little gifts added in. I was admiring the item so she gave it to me to take home to try, saying she would likely never use it. 

microwave potato chip maker

Late in January I decided to give it a try. The little gadget has a cutter on the top lid, a sharp blade that slices the potato very thin. Then the slices are set on edge into the slots in the bottom section and placed into the microwave. I used sweet potato and followed the instructions closely … as you will see.

I am going to share with you our exchange via texting. In order to maintain her privacy I had to photograph our conversation and then print it out, and then cut and paste because I just could not figure out how to crop it on my computer. (Sorry! A techie I am not.)

My words are in the blue bubble, my daughter’s are in the yellow one.

potato chip maker.1You can see she was very amused upset by my glowing report embarrassing confession. I think it helped to send the image of crispy potato chips dumped into my kitchen sink. (A microwave chef I am not!)

potato chip maker.4

Although the little dish didn’t look quite the same as when I started, I launched into making potato chips a second time. 

potato chip maker.2potato chip maker.5Here’s a close up ^

My last attempt still wasn’t exactly right but it was much even better than the two previous ones. (Notice below how yummy they look when not burnt to a crisp a little over-crisped.)

potato chip maker.3

And they were good. Here’s a better look.

potato chip maker.6

This is what the handy-dandy little gadget looks like now. *sigh* Still usable but it will never be the same.  😦

potato chip maker.7

Oddly, my daughter really didn’t want it back, nor did she want it replaced. I can’t imagine why! Now the little potato chip maker sits in a place of dubious honour in my cupboard awaiting the next opportunity to risk further disfigurement prove its worth.  mmm  I’m getting a hankering for sweet potato chips just thinking about it!

What wonderful gadgetry have you tried that didn’t quite work out the way you expected?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂