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Who was born on your birthday?

My writing update: the usual ‘nothing more’ for NaNo, but I got one more idea for PiBoIdMo today, making my total 23 ideas for day 17.







I’ve still got the ‘warm fuzzies’ from the love that came my way on my special day, including e-cards, emails, phone calls, a parcel in the mail – some of them a little early which adds to the fun. Because I’m still on a bit of an emotional high from all the festivities Saturday, I would like to tell you about a link I found awhile ago.

It’s called:  Who was born on your birthday?

When you click on the link above and enter your birthday month and date it will bring up names of famous people born on your birthday. It also will show the year of their birth.

For mine, November 16, I learned of four famous people born on that date:

Who was born on your birthday?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂