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Book Review: Turkey Tot – by George Shannon





Book: Turkey Tot
Author: George Shannon
Illustrator: Jennifer K. Mann
Publisher: Holiday House
Date: August 31, 2014
Genre: children's picture book; 4 - 7 yrs, Preschool - 1
Pages: 32
Price: $16.77
My rating: wonderful story to encourage ingenuity


Turkey Tot by George Shannon is an adorable story reminding one of the story of the Little Red Hen.

Turkey Tot had three friends, Chick, Hen, and Pig. One day they spied juicy berries on a bush, but they were too high to reach. The friends sadly went on their way to the pond, but then Turkey Tot came up with an idea. If they could find … something … it would help them reach the berries, but his friends said no, they won’t find that, he’s being silly, and he has been different from the day he was hatched. 

Turkey Tot was not one to give in to defeat. He kept coming up with ingenious ideas. His friends continued to reply the same negative way. Finally, they refused to listen to more of his schemes, so Turkey Tot worked at a plan alone with a variety of things he did manage to find.

When Turkey Tot appears in a way they never expect to see him – and with juicy berries to share – they marvel over his cleverness. After all, they decide, he has been different from the day he was hatched!

This is a cute story with bright, bold illustrations created by Jennifer K. Mann. The images give such expression to the story, each little character has its own personality and appeal. For little people learning to read, the font is large and dark for easy reading.

Children will enjoy this story, and very possibly be prompted to make things themselves.  It’s a great way to encourage creativity and to encourage children to trust themselves, to not be discouraged by other people’s negativity, and to not give up trying.

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Book Review: Sky Pig – by Jan L. Coates






Book: SkyPig
Author: Jan L. Coates
Illustrator: Suzanne Del Rizzo
Publisher: Pajama Press
Date: April 1, 2016 - Canada; September, 2016 - USA
Genre: children's picture book; 4 - 7 yrs; K - 2
Pages: 32
Price: $19.95
My rating: a sweet story of determination and friendship


If this book looks familiar to my regular readers, it is because I mentioned it in this blog post last year. 

Here is Jan reading her book at the launch in May of 2016.




SkyPig by Jan L. Coates is a sweet story about friendship and determination. 

Ollie, a little pig, wanted so very much to fly. He watched birds, and airplanes, and bugs, and things being blown in the wind, and he wanted to fly more than anything. His friend Jack, being an inventive boy, did all he could to try to help him attain his dream – even though everybody knows pigs can’t fly.

To launch Ollie airborne they collected leafy branches and fastened them onto his back. They climbed all the way to the top of a very high hill, and Ollie did his very best to fly. Just when he was thinking, “I’m flying! I’m flying, I’m …” Crash! he came down hard, and sadly limped home.

Since that unsuccessful attempt didn’t dampen Ollie’s determination, Jack helped him construct a kite (fail), then wings with feathers and things (fail), and more inventions to try to make Ollie fly. Nothing worked, and nothing made Ollie smile, until the day they discovered something wondrous. 

Illustrator Suzanne Del Rizzo created amazing illustrations for Sky Pig. To quote: “The illustrations were rendered with plasticine, polymer clay, paper collage, milkweed fluff, watch gears, and other doodads.”  Take a close look at the cover illustration to see many of those doodads.

Sky Pig was a selection for the 2016 Best Books for Kids & Teens, won the 2017 Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for excellence in illustration, and was a finalist for the 2017 Shining Willow Award.

Sky Pig by Jan L. Coates is an inspiring story written with repetition of some phrases and humour children will love. Her word choices are delightful. Suzanne Del Rizzo‘s illustrations are gorgeous and complement the story perfectly. When you get to read this book, watch for two little friends who appear in almost every picture with Ollie and Jack, adding a smile for the reader.

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