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Did you remember to spring ahead?

It’s always a good sign of spring when we get to move our clocks ahead one hour to enjoy more daylight hours.

Did you remember to set yours ahead – either last night or this morning?




I know not everyone has to do this, and it can be a matter of heated discussion as many don’t see the need of it anymore, feeling it is a system that has outlived its usefulness. It was put into place 100 years ago in Germany during WWI, but they weren’t the first to do it.

You can read about it HERE.

From that article it would seem daylight saving time began here in Canada, but if you read all the way to the end you’ll see it was actually in effect in some way thousands of years before in the Roman empire.


How do YOU feel about Daylight Saving Time?

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It’s time to set your clocks back!

Here in North America — most of Canada and the United States — tonight (November 5 at bedtime, or November 6 at 2 AM) is the night to set our clocks BACK one hour.

If you have trouble remembering which way it goes, it’s easy to remember this way: Spring ahead, fall back.


Do you live in a time zone where you don’t have to change  your clocks tonight? Perhaps it’s on another day for you, or not at all?

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Spring forward; did you change your clocks?

This is the time of year I find to be hard on my inner clock. I don’t much like losing an hour’s sleep. It takes me awhile to adjust.

Tonight – actually at 2:00 AM Sunday morning, March 13 – we set our clocks ahead one hour. If you are in Saskatchewan, Canada – or in the USA in Hawaii or somewhere in “most of” Arizona – your clock goes along as usual; no time change for you.  And it seems that in Europe it doesn’t happen until March 27.

remember to change your clock or you will be arriving an hour late to church or wherever you have to be on Sunday.





Have you ever forgotten to change your clock and as a result you arrived somewhere an hour late? 

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