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If you were to change your name what would it be?

As you know, I got myself a puppy November 30’13. She is a Schnoodle — Schnauzer x Poodle — and as cute as can be. She might weigh in at five pounds now, at almost five months of age. I will try to post a new picture of her in a later post.

When I introduced her to you I told you her name is Minnie.  You can read about it here. Well, this darlin’ little puppy has had many names. When I got her she was named Bianca — the breeder told me that was just so she had a name, probably for identifying purposes and vet visits. I went through many names to find the one for her, and settled on Minnie. Minnie described her but the name did not sit on my heart.

I enrolled her in obedience classes as planned, scheduled to begin January 19. Finally, on January 15, I changed her name to one that felt right. I know, a crazy time to do it just before obedience classes, and I was concerned she would not be responding to her new name by then, but she picked it up right away. Oh, I should tell you that her name now is Meyya, pronounced meh ya, but we say it may ya. It is Swahili, and in English it’s Mary. Meyya means independent, strong, wise, responsible. I’m not sure how that translates for a dog, but little Meyya is smart, quick to catch on, and is enjoying obedience classes. She obeys the commands Sit, Down (which is to lie down), Come (coming when her name is called … usually, especially if she thinks there is a treat for her), and other things we are working on.

Now for my question: If you were to change YOUR name, what would it be? I am thinking about that very thing now. When I was a wee young child I used to think about having a different name, but I couldn’t decide what I would want to be called forever. That’s my problem now, too, so what I am still considering is finding a pen name, just for my writing, and maybe go from there. Maybe.

Now I ask you again, have you ever thought about changing your name? Or perhaps you did make that brave move. Why or why not?

And I have asked this question before, have you chosen a pen name for yourself? Why or why not?

These are legitimate questions, so I hope you will leave a reply. It may help me decide in my own quest.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂