Book Reviews & Author Interviews, 2015 -17

Here I’m continuing the list of book reviews and author interviews I have conducted and posted to my blog. To read a REVIEW click on the book’s title; to be taken to an INTERVIEW click on the author’s name. (Note: ARC is short for Advanced Reading Copy.)

As a member of Library Thing, BookLook Bloggers, and Net Galley, I have the privilege of obtaining or winning books from them in trade for honest reviews.  I post my reviews on their websites, and on Chapters.Indigo,,, Goodreads, and most of them here for you to read as well. I hope they are of help to you.

Also, you can find the books I reviewed listed on my BUY THE BOOK! page in an easier format – alphabetically.

March 31, 2015: REVIEW of The Shy Writer: An Introvert’s Guide to Writing Success  (second edition) by C. Hope Clark

April 15, 2015: REVIEW of Millions of Souls: The Phillip Riteman Story by Philip Riteman as told to Mireille Baula-MacWillie

April 15, 2015: REVIEW of The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler by William M. Shirer

April 21, 2105: REVIEW of Writing Fiction: A Guide for Pre-Teens by Heather Wright

April 28, 2015: REVIEW of The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

May 5, 2015: REVIEW of Frankenstink! Garbage Gone Bad by Ron Lightburn

May 7, 2015: REVIEW of The Story of Gar by Syr Ruus

May 19, 2015: REVIEW of Rainbows in the Dark by Jan L. Coates

May 21, 2015: REVIEW of I Am Because You Are by Jacob Lief

August 13, 2015: REVIEW of Not Marked: Finding Hope & Healing After Sexual Abuse by Mary DeMuth

August 25, 2015: REVIEW of Audrey (Cow) by Dan Bar-El

July 22, 2016: REVIEW of Cerdito a juicio by Darlene Foster

August 9, 2016: REVIEW of Great Falls by Steve Watkins  (ARC)

August 15, 2016: REVIEW of Rocket Man by Jan L. Coates

January 13, 2017: REVIEW of Painted Skies by Carolyn Mallory

January 20, 2017: REVIEW of The Stranded Whale by Jane Yolen

January 24, 2017: REVIEW of Granpa Guff, and the Pasta Wars by Granpa Guff

January 24, 2017: REVIEW of Granpa Guff, the Accidental Astronaut by Granpa Guff

January 26, 2017: REVIEW of 10 Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul

January 31, 2017: REVIEW of The Stowaways by Meghan Marentette

February 2, 2017: REVIEW of  A Morning with Grandpa by Sylvia Lui

February 7, 2017: REVIEW of How Smudge Came by Nan Gregory

February 9, 2017: REVIEW of The Princess and the Frogs by Veronica Bartles

February 16, 2017: REVIEW of The Rescuing Day by Christine Goodnough

February 20, 2017: REVIEW of Fiddles & Spoons: Journey of an Acadian Mouse by Lila Hope-Simpson

February 23, 2017: REVIEW of One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul

February 28, 2017: REVIEW of Forensic Science: in Pursuit of Justice by L. E. Carmichael

March 2, 2017: REVIEW of The Very Fairy Princess: Sparkles in the Snow by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton

March 7, 2017: REVIEW of Without Proof by Janet Sketchley

March 9, 2017: REVIEW of I Thought This Was a Bear Book by Tara Lazar

March 14, 2017: REVIEW of Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox



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