Quiz: what musical style are you?

Since I’m not feeling very creative today I’m giving you something fun to do. It’s a musical quiz for you to enjoy and to find out what style of music you are.

Click here to do the easy quiz.



Here is my result:

World Music: From traditional ethnic sounds to Celtic beats to pop tunes in another language, there’s a lot of variety in world music. Like this genre, you are difficult to define because your interests and tastes vary a great deal. You love to experiment with everything from food to clothing, and you’re not afraid to be yourself. You have a lot of great memories from all of the experiences you’ve stockpiled thus far.

Did you get the result you expected? With so many different musical styles out there, it’s possible that your true personality is a fusion of your result and what you actually listen to.

What musical style are you? Please share your results. 

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Quiz: what musical style are you?

  1. I got world music, too. No surprise. My tastes are pretty much all over the place. My car radio presets tell the story: jazz, classical, easy listening, country, CBC 1, 2, and the French version. I love Latin American and classical instrumental music from China, too.


  2. I got world music too. I like a variety.

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  3. Classical Music. No surprise since I’m a classically trained pianist. Love the symphony and opera. But, I appreciate other music too.

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  4. Pop music. Lighthearted and fun, pop music appeals to a wide variety of fans. You are like pop music in that you have lots of friends and acquaintances, and they all like spending time with you. You’re easy to get along with and don’t tend to rock the boat. You’re confident, outgoing, and in some cases, outspoken. Interesting since I’ve been listening to more country/folk/celtic music lately.


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