Christmas ads already, here’s a sweet one

Although folks in the US have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving (here in Canada we celebrated in October), the Christmas ads have started already. I found a special one to show you.

I think you will really like this one by Marks and Spencer; it’s so sweet.

How do you feel about Christmas ads being aired before the season has officially started?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



3 responses to “Christmas ads already, here’s a sweet one

  1. I love Christmas, but our local grocery store was bringing in decorations before Thanksgiving, which is waaaaay too early. I’d prefer them waiting until after November 11. I think that gives them plenty of time to sell what they’re going to sell before Christmas. I love the M&S ad.


  2. The British Christmas ads are wonderful. The John Lewis one is very cute, you will love it. Hint – there is a dog in it!! The M and S one is cute!!


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