No Motivation or Willpower? A Simple Solution – a post by Kristi Holl

In keeping with the topic of the struggles of writing, I have another blog post for you to read. Thank you to Heather Wright for telling me about it.

This post is by Kristi Holl who has had her share of struggles in her goal of writing. Even so, she has many published books now, so she’s obviously found something that works.

You may have noticed I quoted her on my Quotes page, too.

My questions to you today are … do you lack motivation to write? Are you low on willpower? Do you wish you could find some way of writing that isn’t overwhelming?

Kristi has a simple solution. To read her post, click HERE to go THERE. It’s very valid advice she wrote in August 2014. 

You may want to leave her a comment, and I hope you’ll also come back here and share what you think of her solution.

What are YOUR writing habits that work best for you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


6 responses to “No Motivation or Willpower? A Simple Solution – a post by Kristi Holl

  1. Thanks for a great post. And the solution is a brilliant one. I had the same issue of sticking to writing every day when I had set high word per day goal. I found that when I dropped the word count goal number and then dropped the word count goal all together my writing productivity was dramatically increased. Now my goal is just to write everyday. Regardless of the number of words, as long as there are words on the page, it is better than a blank page. Now I find I often write more than my original word count goal and am just loving stress free writing and the pure enjoyment of the process. Thanks again.


  2. A great article, thanks for sharing it with us, Lynn. I make sure I write every day no matter what. But I didn´t always. I used to think I needed a block of uninterrupted time to write. Although that is nice, it doesn´t often happen. I like the idea of mini habits. They are doable.


    • I wonder if the fact that I’m so tired, that there are life things going on that take over too much of my mind and emotions, adds to my seeming inability to even get started on the habit of writing every day.
      I know that writing every day is too much pressure for some people, while for others it’s healing. For me it would mean discipline, which is always a problem.
      Thanks, Darlene, for your comment.

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