a Question, ReFoReMo, and a Quiz: what is your dragon personality?

It seems as if you, my readers, like the quotes I’ve posted each day of February. My question to you is: would you like to read a quote here every few days through March? or also whenever I find some good ones? I’d find some to do with reading and writing, and likely occasions and seasons. Please let me know so I can get that set up.

As you know, I am involved in 12×12 in 2016. It is proving to be amazing, encouraging, and a little stressful with all that’s going on around me – but I am not giving up. It already is helping me see how to be better at writing picture books.  I’m now part of a six-person critique group through 12×12, and we’re conducting our sharing and critiquing via email.

To add to the fun, another challenge I’ve taken on is ReFoReMo – Reading For Research Month, created by Carrie Charlie Brown. A lot of 12×12 members are taking part in it because it complements 12×12 so well. It runs during the month of March,  but the reading and research can be for as long as you need it to be for you. Today I contacted my local library and gave them the list of over 100 books I am to read and study to improve my own picture book writing. It’s going to be a busy month! If you are interested in taking that challenge you have until March 1 to sign up, so hurry!  🙂

Topic change:  I like dragons.

My grandson is reading a series called Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. In fact, he recently finished book 8, the newest in the series, which is a fantastic accomplishment for a reluctant reader, and he’s now reading another series by this author. He likes the Wings of Fire books so much he wanted me to read them because he knows I like dragons. He lent me book one and sometimes would ask me if I was to the part yet where … ?   🙂  I finally was able to finish book one last month and had really enjoyed it, although it was written for the younger set. 🙂  Now he’s brought me book two to read, but because I’m involved in 12×12 in 2016 I might not get into that book for quite a while. I’ll have to try, though. 

Now for a quiz you might enjoy.  What is your dragon personality

It seems I am a Japanese dragon.  Here’s what it says: You are a Japanese dragon. Also called “Ryu,” Japanese dragons are well known for granting wishes to humans. They are wingless creatures who are often associated with water and weather. Like the Ryu you are very generous and will do everything in your power to assure that your loved ones are happy. You are adept at picking out just the right gift for every occasion and recipient. Your happy place likely involves a beach, and you love bold colors and lively music.

Which dragon personality are you?

Do you want me to post quotes here daily? every few days?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂






11 responses to “a Question, ReFoReMo, and a Quiz: what is your dragon personality?

  1. Well I got a Greek dragon which suits me, “Greek dragons have been known for centuries as protectors of special places, objects, and people.” I love your quotes but I think posting a good one whenever you find a good one is best. Everyday is too much and loses the magic after awhile. It’s great to read the same books your grandson is reading. Something to talk about. ❤


    • A Greek dragon sounds lovely for you, especially since you enjoy travelling to see special places.
      Thanks for weighing in, Darlene, regarding the quotes. I’m in a whirlwind of writing and reading challenges right now so to schedule frequent quotes would be difficult and time-consuming.
      Yes, it’s fun talking with my boy about dragons. He has such a good memory, whereas I could just have read a chapter and can’t recall the details he can.
      Have a great day! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been enjoying the quotes, so the more the merrier for me! I love dragon’s, too, and actually wrote two books for middle readers about Chinese dragons–loved doing the research. In Chinese horoscopes, my husband is a dragon. The quiz was fun. I’m a Greek dragon: You are a Greek dragon, otherwise known as “Drakon.” Greek dragons have been known for centuries as protectors of special places, objects, and people. According to lore they have watched over everything from the Golden Fleece to the gardens of Zeus. Likewise you are very trustworthy and work hard to keep it that way. People feel that they can tell you anything. You don’t partake in gossip though you are very creative and can tell a great story. You have a deep appreciation for art, music, and literature.


    • What are the titles of the books you wrote about dragons, Heather?
      Another Greek dragon among my reader friends, that’s nice. 🙂 I believe you appreciate the arts. Thanks for doing the quiz.


  3. Quote frequency? Whenever you are in the mood or find something interesting.


  4. Yes on the quotes! 🙂
    I like dragons too. (I’m also a Japanese Dragon – I’m happy: I like Japan. 🙂 )


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