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How to write a Shakespearean sonnet with a twist

Last week I received an email from Publisher’s Weekly in which I learned of the opportunity to construct one’s own sonnet very simply and easily. And not just any sonnet — a Shakespearean Star Wars sonnet! 

Imagine that!

If you are a Star Wars fan, or a lover of Shakespeare’s writings, or just enjoy pushing buttons to see what happens … this is for you. 

Welcome to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars sonnet generator, originated by Ian Doescher. Check him out and his books.

All one has to do is answer four questions, deciding options for the sonnet, and then press the generator button. Ian says his math friend told him there are more than 2 quadrillion sonnets possible, given the way the generator works!

How cool is that!

I tried it and it’s fun and funny what you can do. Ne’er was there a Shakespeare sonnet such as these.

Have fun with it!  William Shakespeare’s Star Wars sonnet generator

What do you think of this?

Thanks to thee for reading, and Creative Musings!  🙂