Hello, I am a writer

I   Am   A   Writer.

I was born to write, it’s all in the way I think and view things.

You know it has been a struggle for me – one of self-doubt, lack of confidence, discouragement. There have been times I felt disillusioned, frustrated, disappointed. And more.

All that is behind me.

Today is a new day!

Life and death are in our words. That includes the things we say about ourselves and the things we think about ourselves. Perhaps you have heard negatives about you since your childhood. You don’t need anyone to say them now, they replay in your mind over and over and over so that they have become your own personal mantra. You believe those ugly words.


Stop lying about yourself to yourself.

Life and death are in our words. It says so in the Word of God.

Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing.  – James 3:10

That also means life and death are in our unspoken words, our thoughts! WOW!

This is something I have been taught and shown over a period of many years … but Wednesday the Lord make it so clear to me in a new way. He set it in my heart and mind that I have to stop speaking (thinking) death into my own life. I have to speak (think) life into my own life. It is time to not just know that fact.


Do you have thinking challenges? By that I mean, do you hear yourself thinking negative things about yourself – the challenge being to stop doing that? What do you believe about yourself? Are you hard on yourself as I am on myself? Or as I had been, I should say. It’s time for us to be good to ourselves. It’s time to KNOW who we are and BE who we are.

I AM A WRITER!  That is exciting, and I am eager to see what the Lord has for me to say – be it words of encouragement, stories to captivate the imagination, or whatever it is. And not only to think about writing but to do it.

Proverbs 12:25 says, “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”

So may my words – and yours – bring blessing and delight into the lives of others.

Question: What do you hear yourself say about you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


8 responses to “Hello, I am a writer

  1. I so believe this. What we think is what we become. This is a very uplifting post. ❤


  2. I certainly needed this post today, Lynn!! Thank you!


  3. Oh, Lynn, I have been waiting to read this post from you for SO long! What an exciting time this is. Congratulations on finally knowing that you are a writer! My guess is that you will still slip into those times of self-doubt (I still do from time to time!) but those times will not last, you will not wallow. You’ll pick yourself up because you’re a writer and knowing that is what spurs you onward. You can’t take back who you are. It’s impossible!


    • Thank you, Laura! I agree, I can’t take back what I am. I believe I can walk away from it, but since I also believe it is something given me by God I would be miserable to ignore it.

      Just saying, admitting — I am a writer — has released me, although I haven’t moved on it other than write that post. I will. It will come. It’s something that bursts forth and has to be said, and when that happens … I’m miserable if I ignore it. 🙂

      Thanks, Laura, for believing in me, for encouraging me and rooting for me.


  4. Yay! YOU’RE a writer! I always knew it! Great theory too! 🙂


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