Can you help me find a book?

When I was a little girl (many years ago) in elementary school we didn’t have a local library. The bookmobile is what I remember, and for the small, very shy young girl I was, it was scary and intimidating. The other children were excited to climb on board, pushing their way to the shelves of books, but I would hang back in awe and hesitation.

When I was successfully coaxed into the bus with the other children, the smell of those many books captivated me. How would I ever choose a book? What did I even look for on those floor to ceiling shelves? Oh my! It was amazing and overwhelming.

I wish I could recall the name of the book I was given to read and that I grew to love. Being a slow reader at that time, devouring every word and scene and visualizing everything as I went along, the book I borrowed I never got to finish. It had to go back after awhile so others could enjoy it. What a disappointment! I don’t think it ever came back around to my school, although I timidly asked several times.

Even yet, how much I wish I could find that book again. Now I wonder if I were to put out my very vague descriptions is there anyone out there who will take what I can share and know what I am talking about?

It could be that my memories are of two books combined in my mind, two books that stirred up my imagination and wonder. Here’s all I can remember of them now: 

  • a child looking at herself in the mirror discovered the child looking back at her was not really herself but someone else, and seeing her from a different world she could come to her through the mirror. It seems to me that meant trouble, mischief, but I can’t recall what happened.
  • I think – maybe  in another book – there was a peculiar little man who came to help care for children and he could fly somehow and take them on adventures. He also was dearly loved by the children because he was fun and safe and adventurous. His name may have begun with a P .. but I’m unsure about that;
  • I think the children’s parents would not always agree with what he allowed, even though it was not dangerous or anything;
  • He also only stayed a certain amount of time and then had to move on, maybe because the children had outgrown him so he was going to others to care for them.

Does any of this sound familiar? Oh, how I wish I could remember what those book titles were! I would so love to find them now, especially the one about Mister … somebody, but with only the above to go by it is probably impossible. I have more impressions than memories I can put into words about it. Know what I mean?

If you think you might be able to help me I would be delighted! and very happy. 🙂 Please let me know.

Is there a book you wish you could find from … way back when?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


16 responses to “Can you help me find a book?

  1. There was a book about a little girl with red hair who was adopted by a brother and sister. I think it took place on the east coast of Canada. Perhaps you help me remember the name of that one.
    A delightful post. Thanks!

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    • Hi, Darlene. Are you serious? It sounds just like Anne of Green Gables! Anne Shirley was adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a brother and sister who had a farm in PEI. They’d requested a boy, but upon meeting Anne, Matthew didn’t have the heart to send her back.
      If this isn’t the book, then I’m sorry I don’t know.

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      • No, I’m not being serious at all. I was just being silly. Of course it is Anne of Green Gables and I have read it many times. I thought your books were Alice in the Looking Glass and Peter Pan. (the last one does sound like Peter Pan!( So I thought I would play along. I do hope you can find your books. It would be so great if you did. I loved going to the library as a child but didn’t like having to return the books as I wanted to reread them whenever I wanted to. I am also a slow reader and didn’t always finish the book before it had to be returned. The bookmobile sounds cool.


        • Oh, Sorry Darlene! I didn’t catch the twinkle in your eye. 🙂
          Now that you mention it, the books I mentioned do sound like your suggestions, but they aren’t. With so little information about them now it is likely impossible to find them.
          I hadn’t been in a bookmobile since those early years, and then only a few times, until about two years ago when my sister and I saw one in a mall parking lot. Sure seemed a lot smaller than years ago! 🙂

          Thanks for your comment, Darlene.


  2. Good luck Lynn. I think you’ve asked in the right place though among all the experts who’ve probably read every book between them.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. Neither rings a bell with me, but good luck on your quest. For many years I sought a book that I found slightly scary as a child… it was about a little girl who had a magic sketchbook and who dreamed about the things she drew in it. I did finally discover that it is called Marianne Dreams… I bought a copy, but have since let someone borrow it who never returned it… ah well, maybe I will own a copy of it again one day!
    I do hope you find your books


    • Welcome to my blog! 🙂
      Perhaps you know the book you mentioned, Marianne Dreams, is selling on Amazon right now in both kindle and hardcover. It’s by Catherine Storr. I read the section supplied through “look inside” and it’s a good book; no wonder you enjoyed it.

      Thanks so much for your comment.


  4. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the book, even though it does sound vaguely familiar.


  5. I wish I could help, but I don’t know. My first thought was Through The Looking Glass… 🙂


    • Thanks, Erik. I know it wasn’t Through the Looking Glass; the little girl made trouble for the one whose mirror she came through. Sure wish I knew!
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  6. I don’t know the books of which you speak. Sorry.
    I have looked for a book titled ‘Combat’ based on WWII for my son to read. There was a 1960’s tv series based on it. The book was lost in a move.
    Good luck on your quest.


  7. I’m another one to say that I don’t know the book, but, Lynn, thank you for sharing such beautiful memories. The smell of books… the joy of books…I do so remember that incredible feeling of belonging to the book I was reading, which meant so much because I was a shy, quiet child, too. Thank you for another beautiful post!


    • If only I could put into words the memory impressions I have of the one book in particular, it might jog someone else’s memory. Ah well, I will remain hopeful.
      Yes, I’d never seen so many books at one time! It was amazing to a wee child.
      Thank you for your comment, Sue. 🙂


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