A B C’s: Alzheimer’s, Blogging, Cancer?

I have been missing in action again. Well, not really missing, but absent from blogging. It was not intentional. I just need sleep, I think.

Since NaNoWriMo ended I have been trying to do a little catch up on other things. This is my week home from caregiving (Alzheimer’s) and even though I have had some time, I’m finding it hard to accomplish much extra. My blogging has suffered (again!), and for that I apologize to you, my readers.  My stress level is climbing and I’m quite tired, but Christmas is coming and I have to get busy!


The added stress is that recently my dear husband was diagnosed with level 2 melanoma, skin cancer. (I had to pause before typing out that hated word.) My husband told me he doesn’t care if I talk about it here; he says many people know anyway, and it is what it is and will likely become obvious. I am sharing this information in the hope that Believers will pray for him. He has had one minor surgery, and on December 18 he will be undergoing a more involved one. After that one and before doing reconstructive surgery the surgeon will be searching for lymph nodes in order to remove some for testing. This all will happen within six hours on the same day. Test results are to come back four weeks later.

That happens to be my week at Dad’s, so I am working out details to have someone there in my place while I am with my husband for two days. Once he is doing okay then I’m back to Dad’s for the rest of the week. Plus, it’s going to be crazy trying to get everything ready for Christmas during all this. We have been attempting to get our shopping completed in preparation, and I got my ‘away’ gifts all mailed yesterday.

A fun thing for me is that on Saturday I met a new author who is a bit of a celebrity. She signed her book for me and after I finish reading it I will be doing a review here .. after the others I have lined up.

** If I told you I would read and review your book, please send me a quick email and remind me. I must have misplaced my list (can’t imagine how!) and really have to get a better system together. I hope you understand it’s been difficult to get into reading and reviewing lately. There are some exciting books lined up for me to review, though, and a couple of giveaways are included. Please stay tuned! 🙂

I cannot end this post without saying that in the long line of people waiting for the signing of books on Saturday, three people behind me was none other than the lovely and talented author Laura Best! Remember my review of her book Bitter, Sweet and our interview? We had a chance to chat a little which was enjoyable for me, with comedy added since her husband was her “professional photographer” and quite a kidder.

I suppose most of this reads like a “woe is me” post. Admittedly, I’m feeling rather blue right now, but after a good sleep things should look a little better. Truly, I rely on the Lord although it may not seem like it right now. My human nature is to look at the situation and then have to remind myself to look to the One who knows all. One of my life verses is Romans 2:28: And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

I hope you are not stressing, but if you find life to be overwhelming … look to the One who knows all. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂






19 responses to “A B C’s: Alzheimer’s, Blogging, Cancer?

  1. Oh Lynn, and I think I’m busy. I will be praying for both of you. Often. Much love, Sue


  2. Blessings to you and your family. May your faith keep you strong. It was great you got to meet up with Laura. It was through her I met you!


  3. HUGS!!!! Definite hugs. I so know what’s going on! Wish I could say I am not stressed either, but we deal. I’m here, usually, if you need a shoulder!


    • Thanks, so much, Jai. Of course you understand, your own life is filled with ups and downs all the time. You continue on, and so must we all. (That sounds almost poetic, but it is fact.)
      Thank you for your support.
      Blessings and ((Hugs)).


  4. I remember those days of having to cope beyond what I assumed were my limits for coping – but we do get through it. This is a beautiful season, and I pray you and your whole family are touched by it as you deal with the unbeautiful realities of life!


  5. I wish you and your family peace and harmony, and some good news as we head into 2013.


  6. I am praying. This is a sad post. I hope everything turns out OK. 🙂 (feeble smile) Cyber Hugs sent to you!


    • Oh, Erik, I’m sorry this post saddened you. Sometimes life just isn’t fun, but we know the One who holds us never fails us. 🙂 Thanks for your prayers and hugs. The good thing is my husband is getting some well-deserved time off work.
      Keep writing, Erik! The New Year is going to bring great things for you. 🙂


      • Thank you Ms. Davidson! 🙂 (another feeble smile) I pray that everything is OK for you and your family! It is good you can see good things when bad things are happening.


        • I remembered, Erik, after I posted my reply to you … my word this year is Grateful. So, I am grateful this is finally being addressed and my husband has the best and most experienced surgeon taking care of him. I am grateful that I won’t be alone all during this at the hospital, because my sister-in-law offered to be there with me, and to drive us home after it all. I am grateful it has been worked out for others to take my place at Dad’s, not only for two days, but they have given me three so I can be with my husband during the first days of his recovery!
          Don’t worry, Erik. Smile, and think about surprises awaiting you. 😉


  7. Through life there are valleys and mountains. Both are places we find ourselves in no matter who we are. We enjoy our time on the mountain, but the valley can be dark and foreboding. Unfortunately, you’ve had your share of dark times lately, and I hope it will not be long before the sun shines on you. I will definitely send along prayers for you and your husband as you prepare to face the challenges ahead.

    I haven’t forgotten about sending the photos. I’m just a bit slow.I did “send” off a certain photo Friday, however. 😉

    It ended up being a lovely afternoon. Glad you were standing in line.


    • Yes, I find life to be not so fun lately. I, too, hope the sun shines on me soon, thank you for that lovely thought, Laura.

      I am in no rush for the photos; in fact, with all that is going on I forgot about them. I’m sure the one you sent elsewhere will be received with delight. 🙂

      I’m glad I was standing in line, too, and especially glad when I turned and found you behind me as I’d been watching for you.


  8. Sounds like your stress is understandable, Lynn. So sorry you are feeling overwhelmed right now. Sending up prayers for you and yours.


    • Thanks, Ruth. Tomorrow is the big day. We are trusting all will go well for everyone. I’m GRATEFUL for the help so I can leave awhile; I don’t have to be back at Dad’s till Thursday evening. Thanks so much for prayers. 🙂


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