We have a winner of From One Place to Another!

The verdict is in!  We have a winner of From One Place to Another! Congratulations to Faith whose name was drawn from the basket tonight!

Faith, Carol White will be mailing you a copy of her book, From One Place to Another. I’m sure you will enjoy it.  🙂

Thanks to everyone for entering the draw, for leaving comments, for reading the review and the interview even if you didn’t comment, and for “liking” my posts.

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂


4 responses to “We have a winner of From One Place to Another!

  1. Congratulations, Faith. As soon as Lynn forwards your address I shall send out your book. Happy reading!


  2. Wow! Thank you both, Lynn and Carol! I look forward to receiving the book and am sure will end up recommending it to others. Thanks again.


  3. Congratulations, Faith!


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