Thanksgiving and being thankful

I’ve been absent.  Did you notice?

My blog ideas have run low. Unfortunately, I have not kept up my writing of story drafts for 12×12 in 2012, either. My Muse is a little weary, I guess.

I’m behind in reading emails, sending responses to things, reading other writers’ blogs.  But wait, there’s more …

Because of a fall that happened on Labour Day, and from which I’m still recovering, I’m going for laser treatments on my knee. It may be another month before the healing is complete, but now there is much less pain and I’m starting to sleep a little better – for which I’m thankful.

Can anyone out there relate to the following? …

When on my alternating weeks at home I have had such a very frustrating time with my internet service. We have Fibre Optics at Dad’s, but the phone company we deal with has not found a feasible way to even bring high-speed out my way, and the dial-up connection is painfully slow. How slow is it, did I hear you ask? So slow that I have nearly nodded off while waiting for pages (even here on my blog) to load.

True story! The longer I kept dial-up, the worse the service became. How long could you put up with that? I don’t know how I did it for as long as I did, but it had become such a point of stress for me that I finally said NO MORE!

We now have wireless internet – for which I’m thankful. It’s been all of one day, I’m already feeling better, and I LOVE IT! There was far too much stress the other way. My blogging, business stuff, emails, Skype calling, everything … had become such a chore, and with being a caregiver now, too, I was about to walk over the edge. I am bordering on the blues leading to depression, and something had to change. The Internet c0nnection I now have at home is much faster, which gives me breathing space. (If you know anything about stress, depression, anxiety .. you will understand about breathing space.)

What bothers me is I’m so far behind – according to my own expectations – and it seems my weeks at home are not long enough. I just settle in when it’s time to go again. But that is my life now, for as long as it takes, and we can still make this work – for which I’m thankful.

The air has an Autumn chill, the leaves are changing colour, the Fall harvest is being gathered, and here in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend. Today is a truly beautiful day – for which I’m thankful.

To close, I’m including a few images captured this morning. I thought you might enjoy these wonderful signs of the season. Descriptions are below.

1. Morning fog rising off the river – a view from my deck                     
2.  A showing of colourful leaves above the river
3 & 4.  Cortland apples (for pies) – given to us yesterday by a neighbour
5 & 6.  Three varieties of squash from my parents-in-law’s and our garden
7.  Only sunflower that grew for me this year; seed dropped by birds in planter! Bloom’s end.    
8. Leaves changing colour on a tree in our yard.


 Let’s all be thankful for God has blessed us.


For what are YOU thankful?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!


8 responses to “Thanksgiving and being thankful

  1. There is so much to be thankful for. i am thankful for a wonderful vacation with my best guy. I fractured my ankle while we were away and am awaiting surgery but I am thnakful it wasn’t anything worse and that I still had a good holiday. WordPress is giving me a hard time and I am not thankful for that but at least my computer is still working. Happy Thanksgiving and don’t worry about getting behind. We all do and manage somehow. XO


    • Oh Darlene! I’m so sorry you fractured your ankle while on vacation. How awful. I hope surgery corrects the problem and you heal completely.
      That accident could give you a whole different slant for an Amanda adventure, though.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with WordPress. I hope it’s not “contagious”! 🙂

      Yes, we manage somehow. Amazing, isn’t it?
      Thanks, Darlene. Happy Thanksgiving. hugs


  2. Just a note here about something I’ve learned recently. Page loading (like here at your blog) depends to a very great extent on what we have on our home pages. Your blog opens very, very slowly for me, too, even though I’m on cable broadband.

    One of the WordPress forum volunteers put me on to a site called Pingdom . The link is to their tools page. You can enter your blog’s URL and find out how fast it’s loading (using their servers – the time will vary, depending on traffic and so on.)

    I’ve worked on cleaning up my site, and here were my scores when I tried it tonight:

    Grade: 94/100
    Load time: 1.73 seconds
    Requests: 40
    Page loads faster than: 74% of sites

    When I ran yours, I got this:

    Grade: 81/100
    Load time: 3.86 seconds
    Requests: 95
    Page loads faster than: 41% of sites

    Every link in our blogrolls, etc. counts. Image size counts. Ads count. Everything counts! You might want to experiment and see what kind of change would come about if, for example, you made an “awards page”, like some people do. I need to clean out my blogroll, too – a couple of people don’t even have active blogs now. No sense keeping dead links!

    Anyway, it’s a great tool and I didn’t know if you knew about it. I’m awfully glad to see you pop up – hope all begins going a little smoother for you!


    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for this interesting information. Time got away from me, it’s nearly the end of the year and past time I was going to move some things around. I occasionally make little changes, but getting time for a serious revamping was another thing. (I already have an Awards and Badges page.) Now that I have a better connection here at home I’ll try to take some time this weekend before going back to Dad’s.

      Thanks for the reminder, 🙂 and for caring.


  3. Cool Ms. Davidson! I love the photos! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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