Summer is here! Add to the list with YOUR fave summer words


I’m so glad you’re here!

SUMMER …  sunshine, sweet-smelling flowers and grasses, fresh fruit,


glorious colours,  bird songs, new growing things, baby animals,


beaches and sand …


and so, so, so much more.

This post is going to be different.

I want YOU, dear reader, to add in the comments section YOUR favourite words, memories, sensations that speak to you of Summer.  Close your eyes and imagine … breathe it in …

Let your creative spirit soar. I am eager to share in what Summer means to you.  🙂

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂



12 responses to “Summer is here! Add to the list with YOUR fave summer words

  1. RElaxing, walks on the beach, reading, outdoor coffeeshops, flowers everywhere, eating on the patio…. the list could go on and on.


  2. I have a summer story at the beach that happened when I was 5.
    My cousin had dug a HUGE hole in the sand and we were playing in it (we fit all the way in). I loved it.
    Sandcastles, watermelon, ice cream, camping, etc.,
    I love the summer. 🙂


    • That sounds like so much fun, Eric. I was always afraid (as a wee little girl) that I would dig too far and fall through to … who knows where?

      I LOVE Summer, too! Enjoy a safe one. 🙂


  3. I’m writing circa 1968 at the moment, so I’ll go there; creamsicles – yummy orange popsicle coating over vanilla ice cream; breaking in new flip flops that killed between the toes; annual knee scabs from playing hopscotch, or falling off my bike; playing outside after dark – my father bellowing over the fence for us to come home:) Happy summer, Lynn!


  4. mangos, sultry, flip flops, crickets, tropical, concerts in the park, cafes.


  5. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, sprinklers, pools, swings–I love all those summer things.


  6. Bright sun, multi-colored flowers, birds chirping, full-leaved trees, lemonade


I look forward to reading your greatly appreciated comments. Thanks for making my day! :)

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