Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

Writers’ Helps – I made a list

Have you ever been writing along and then find yourself stuck for a word?

Ever need to be sure of a spelling, or a meaning, or a word that would say the same thing – only better?

Do you write poetry or occasionally really want a rhyming word?

Do you just simply want some motivation to write, or a little diversion?

I have found a few helpful sites that I thought may be of benefit to you, too. As well as listing them in this post, I also am going to create a new page here on my blog just for writers’ helps. As I find more I will add them to that page.

Check these out and let me know what you think.

Needing just the right word, or the correct meaning:

Needing words that rhyme:

Needing motivation:

Needing the exact number of words:

 Translators & Quotes to spice things up:

Then when you need shorter links to post:

Are there any others that you just don’t want to be without? Please tell me about them – with link – so that I can possibly add them to my list. Thanks!

Thanks for reading, and .. Creative Musings! 🙂