What colour are you?

Yes, that’s my question. What colour are you? No, not the colour of your skin – that isn’t what I’m asking at all, but what colour as it relates to your personality.

Studies have shown that the colour a person prefers often reveals what that person is like.

I had a wonderful list which gave all kinds of tips and advice regarding colours and colour choices, but when my computer crashed I lost that information.  Here are some examples I recently found for your enjoyment:

RED – passionate, energetic, vivacious, a risk taker, aggressive and strong and full of ideas.

ORANGE – a confident go-getter, extrovert, class clown, the life of the party with a kind nature and cheerful attitude.

YELLOW – sunshine and happiness, smart, generous with time and money, and love to laugh.

GREEN – a calm feeling of hope and grace, freely give advice, creative and caring, generous nature and optimistic attitude.

BLUE – peaceful and harmonic to make people feel comfortable and secure, extremely trustworthy and patient.

PURPLE – often a dreamer, mysterious and artistic, insightfully intelligent, expressive.

BLACK – elegant, stylish, strong, classy, deep and often serious, fearless nature.

BROWN – caring and considerate of others, loyal and dependable, certain of self and what is wanted in life, a good friend.

PINK – playful, fun, a hopeless romantic, love life, emotional and expressive.

WHITE – drawn to purity and innocence, a peaceful nature and spiritual view of the world, love truth and justice, balanced in life.

Now, please don’t take these as gospel truth. This is just something fun I wanted to offer you today, so don’t be offended. If you really think about it, often we choose colours to suit our mood, or a colour will affect how we feel.    Interesting, isn’t it?

My favourite used to be blue. Then I had my colour palette done and learned that I am an Autumn wearing all the wrong colours to suit my skin tone and all that. 😦  So, I tried to change and now I sometimes wear blue but in other shades – ones that suit me. I also like pink and green and purple, and yellow really jazzes it up – but not all at the same time.  😉  If you look at the above descriptions, it tells you a mixture of things about me.  Believe ’em or not, that’s up to you.

So, play along with me — what colour are you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂

PS (In case I should give credit for where I found this particular list it is from socialphobiaworld.com)


6 responses to “What colour are you?

  1. My favorite color is blue. Midnight blue, cornflower blue, sky blue, ocean blue. Blue is a calming color and makes me feel quiet and peaceful. Blessings to you…


    • Hi Carol Ann,
      I agree about blue. It has been proven to be a wonderful calming colour for a child’s room in my house. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing.


  2. I used to be blue for many years but these days I’m green. In fact, when I go choose paint I have to stop myself from choosing green or else the whole house would be green. Now, that might be a bit boring to come.


    • Funny how when we like a colour we sometimes lean too heavily in favour of it, isn’t it? We see so many ways to use it. I can see how either of those colours would suit you.
      Thanks for sharing, Laura.


  3. Interesting concept. I’m not sure how to describe myself with these colors because I think I see a little of me in most, if not all, of them. Purple & pink are my favorite colors, but I’m drawn to items that have lots of different bright colors accented by white, dark blue or black. I like the whole color spectrum really — yellow, magenta, cyan (from my publishing days) & all in between. I wonder what that means?


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