Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

What has been your favourite tweet?

Today is my first year Twitterversary.  Okay, so I think I made up that word, but it is my first year anniversary on Twitter.

If you check back to my blog post of March 4, 2010, you will see that I started using Twitter that day as my “March forth” adventure.  — And no, I did not misspell fourth, I meant to say forth as in going forward.

It seems I am close to having tweeted 1300 tweets!  (Tweets are short posts made up of no more than 140 characters.)  I haven’t gathered a huge following thus far (under 200) nor do I follow a great number of others (under 300).  That compares to other Twitterers who have thousands of followers and in turn follow thousands, but I am satisfied with how it’s going for me.  It has been a learning curve and an interesting one, fun ‘meeting’ people, making connections, and seeing what they have to share.

Fridays are usually busy on Twitter with #Fridayreads when you post what you are reading that week, and #Fridayfollow when you post the @names of people you would like to suggest others follow.

I have been following some ‘famous’ people on Twitter, but mostly those who are involved in the writing world in some way.  I see it as another way to learn who’s out there and what they have to offer of interest to me.

My questions to you today are in two parts…

Part one:  If you use Twitter, what has been your favourite tweet that you read on there?  Why?  Was it funny? informative? helpful in educating you in some way?

And part two:  Since it is March Fourth, what have you taken on today as your March Forth adventure in moving forward?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings!  🙂