Writing from prompts

Have you ever had the fun of being challenged to write using prompts?

One of the writers chat rooms I visit did this writing exercise last evening.  I must say, I was apprehensive at first, and a little nervous having never attempted this before, but by the time we had done a couple I was right into it.   In fact, the challenge ended much too quickly.  I couldn’t believe it when someone said it was two hours well spent, it didn’t seem that long at all!

Here’s what we did.  We were given a prompt by our room moderator, and had about ten minutes to write according to her scenario.  When we felt we had it the way we wanted it, then we posted to the room.  It was fun!  And it was hilarious!  Some of the participants came up with the funniest lines and ideas that I was laughing most of the time.  My nervousness left as I sat thinking and waiting for ideas to formulate in my mind.  Of the eight prompts we were given I managed to write something for all of them.  On five of my writings I received very encouraging comments from the other writers in the room, and comical remarks on the first one I wrote.  The other two fell rather flat, but that’s okay.  I got some story ideas started!  And I learned a little about where my strengths are and where I either need work or had better not venture.  🙂

So, tell me … have you ever done this?  And if so, did it generate a story that you did something with later?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


2 responses to “Writing from prompts

  1. What a wonderful experience! I’m taking a writing class in which our teacher gives us a prompt and we have only 15 minutes to write a story about it, we usually have time for two prompts. You are so correct when you say it can be fun and hilarious! I was a nervous wreck the first time I wrote…so bad my hand shook…gees. But after the first one it was a lot easier. In my class we get to read each story out loud, which can be very comical and inspirational at the same time. We only state the things that “stand out” regarding a story to reduce positive and/or negative criticism. The whole purpose is to brainstorm.

    As far as generating stories..I’m hoping. 🙂


    • Now, that sounds like a fun and challenging writing class. Your teacher seems to know how to stir up the creative thinking. I hope you find that stories do come from those ‘prompt’ writing classes.

      I think that what made me nervous was that I was going to be sharing in a way I had not done before, but when the others just jumped right in I realized I had to do the same or miss out. It became such fun I forgot to be scared. 🙂 I look forward to doing it again.

      I wish you success, and thank you so much for commenting. 🙂


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