What or who inspires you?

Do you have a circle of writing friends?  Do you have people around you who stimulate your ‘muse’?, cause you to see things in a different way?, evoke new ideas for stories?

As yet I have not found a local writers’ group, but now I don’t know if that is something I can manage or not.  What I did find this past week was two online writers’ groups, both of which I joined.   Both have a chat room.  One group meets on Tuesday evenings but they will meet if available any time someone wants to chat – which they did for me Sunday.  The other group meets on Wednesday evenings and again on Sunday evenings for a Q & A forum with a special guest.  I couldn’t get in there last night so I went to the first website I mentioned and had the fun of taking part in chat with newbies like myself, and up-and-coming writers, and well established authors – some who have one book or several books published, and some who won awards for their writing.  There also were agents and editors there that evening.  What an amazing world is the world of writing and publishing!  I sat here quietly impressed, and in awe at the fantastic ideas, and tips, and experiences of those sharing.

I have to keep reminding myself that everyone had to start at the beginning.  Each writer had to find her/his voice.  We are not all cut from the same pattern, so for me to compare myself to others is foolhardy, I’ll never get anywhere doing that.  I am me and I can only do what I can do.  What influences me comes from where I am at the time and who and what is around me.

SO, my question is … what – or who – inspires you?

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂


6 responses to “What or who inspires you?

  1. Lynn – I’m replying to your comment from Laura’s blog post. Comments in ( ). Thanks for weighing in.

    Jaxpop – this is what I like to see, and what I think is smart. You are so right about not much for boys to read, and that will hold their interest.

    (I believe you need to maintain a crisp pace – lots of action – crisp dialogue & include lots of humor & twists.)

    Boys seem to be a hard crowd to please. My nephew does not often enjoy reading. What are the titles of your books? Would they suit a 13 yr old boy?

    (Yes – they would especially suit a 13 year old boy. I’m reluctant to mention titles on someone’s blog – don’t like to take up their space or get topics off track “promoting”, though I know it’s common. The sequel is called RECKLESS ENDEAVOR – it’s not out yet (soon). The 1st book is BAD LATITUDE A Jack Rackham Adventure. My primary character is the descendant of the old (real) pirate Calico Jack Rackham. In RECKLESS, readers will get the chance to meet Calico Jack, despite the fact that he’s been dead since 1720. My primary characters are teenagers 15 year olds in BL – 16 in RE. There is zero profanity, adult situations or graphic violence. You can visit my blog if ya wanna.)

    So, now I wonder … how much of our make believe becomes words on paper? How often do we even realize we have a story in the making? And in reference to Laura’s Q … how much do we think about who will like it as we are writing it? Just pondering here tonight.

    (I write the kind of stuff I would have liked as a kid. Mass appeal was never a consideration. Sounds sorta selfish – but I think you have to enjoy your own stories first. “Stories” BTW, are everywhere. I live in a (supposedly) haunted seaside town, a mile from a place called Rattlesnake Island (really). After reading that brief statement – let the imagination kick in & you could probably use it to spin a dozen tales, & maybe even write a book – & that also ties in with your topic above. Have a great day. Dave – aka JaxPop.)


    • Thanks so much, Dave, for replying. And thanks for checking me – I hadn’t thought of asking those questions as being a potential problem, and I certainly want to take nothing away from Laura. I still have to learn Blogging etiquette, I guess. 🙂 You are very considerate.

      I have added your book to my wish list of books I want to purchase, this one especially for my nephew. I’m sure I will even enjoy it as my reading is rather eclectic. And I appreciate the fact that you leave out the things that youth really don’t need to read – the things I don’t want to read.

      I love the images that immediately popped up when you mentioned about where you live. How can you NOT write if you live there? What inspiration!

      Okay, I have peeked at your blog and .. I obviously need to designate time just for blog reading! When you figure out how to do everything you want to/have to do let me know, will ya? 🙂


  2. That’s a great attitude to have Lynn. You are right, it takes time to find out who you are as a writer.

    As far as inspiration goes, I find it comes from all over. However, I find if I go out looking for it, it always alludes me. I enjoy those times when I’m suddenly hit by a wave of inspiration that sends me on my way.


    • Hi Laura, I think there are stories in everything. Like a good carver sees a figure in the rock or wood and ‘pulls’ it out by chipping off everything that is not needed in the sculpture, a good writer will find the right words to tell the story of what is speaking to her/him. I know .. I sound like such a romantic, and perhaps that is just what I am, but those waves of inspiration that you speak of take my breath away. It will take time to develop that ease of writing, but I will find my voice, those stories will come to life – – and when I doubt myself just give me a shake! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. Lynn – Asking those questions wasn’t a problem at all! It was rather cool. Sorry if I sounded like a jerk. Didn’t mean to. There are some that never miss an opportunity to mention their ( fill in the blank ). I’m not one of them. In my mind – respecting the “host or hostess” of the blog is important. Mentioning the name of a title isn’t wrong – there’s just a time & place & I never want to deflect attention from someone’s topic. Laura’s blog is really terrific, very insightful, one worth following. My blog will not be of any use / help to you – though people say they laugh a lot – which is good, I guess. I rarely, if ever, offer advice – I haven’t paid the dues or sweated through the difficulties like others. Writing is a passion of sorts – a way to hang it with a part of my brain that never seems to shut down. I also have a full-time career & travel quite a bit. It wasn’t a dream to write like it is or has been for others. Just being truthful here. I DO have some blog links on my page leading to some really good writers (a whole lot better n’ me) that enthusiastically encourage. They’re also super nice folks. Joylene Butler – Carol Garvin – Pat Bertram – Jenn Hubbard – Katherine Neff Perry (Katt). They’re worthwhile places to visit – in addition to Laura’s. Not that you’re not welcome to visit mine, but JaxPop is a themeless collection of nothingness that I do for fun. (My wife Deb is a photgrapher so the pics in the blog are typically hers – so it’s a chance to collaborate as well. Hint: Sometimes she’s a topic! Makes her nuts.) Pat Bertram, in addition to her blog, manages some cool groups on FaceBook & Gather. I usually hop on the Thursday 9PM ‘discussion’ – sometimes it’s really good. Joylene covers lots of ground – lately dealing with promo stuff & has lots of guest bloggers / writers. Carol muses about the process & takes a nice approach to the craft & she writes in a nice relaxed style. KATT is a Christian writer focusing on inspiration & finding the positive things. Jenn (she just released her novel last Thursday – The Secret Year) is very talented & informative, in a laid back way & also offers some cool reviews of YA books. On the book side of things – check out Kate Inglis (from Nova Scotia – she’s on Laura’s page – same publisher). Your nephew would probably enjoy her book – the reviews sound great.

    So there – I’ve recommended a book other than mine & pointed you toward blog sites other than mine. See, I’m a lousy promoter! Ha!

    You do have a great attitude – hang onto it. Have fun & enjoy the writing ride. Don’t make it a job. Get around some of your favorite things or places & just breathe them in – they’ll find their way onto paper. Really. Dave


    • I love to laugh. Having checked out your blog, I am now a follower since it is very interesting and I enjoy how you write. Love the photography, too. Thanks for the advice, I think I have just been privileged – 🙂 – so I will check out those blogs you mentioned.

      Doing a search, I found your book on Amazon, but I will see if our local bookstore will bring it in for me. I’m looking forward to reading it and passing it on to my nephew. (Yes, I plan to read it first if I get the chance.)

      “Don’t make it a job.” Now that is good advice! I will keep that one foremost in my mind. Thanks, Dave!


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