My “have read” 2021 book list

I love books. Here I’m listing the books I’ve read this year – trying to post each one once even if I’ve read it more than once in the year. I hope you find a title here that interests you. NOTE: if there are any you’d like to purchase please go to my page BUY THE BOOK! to see if it is listed there. You can follow direct links, making it easier for you.
In blue I’ve indicated which books are reviewed here on my blog. Also, any book I have marked *(ARC)* is an Advanced Reading Copy I was given in exchange for my free and honest review.
In green are the books I’ve read that are usually middle grade (not picture books, which are left in black, but may be story books with pictures), or YA and adult novels. Some are audio books or specifically from, and a few are ebooks.
My reading interests vary widely. If you’re interested in any titles on this list or are encouraged to read more, do let me know! If you have suggestions of what would look good in my reading stash I’d love to hear about it so I can add it to my private to-be-read list.



  1. The Alice Network – by Kate Quinn
  2. Upside Down Babies – by Jeanne Willis
  3. The Great Alone – by Kristin Harris
  4. Blue Chicken – by Deborah Freedman
  5. Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s For Dinner? – by Tomie dePaola
  6. Jimmy the Greatest! – by Jairo Buitrago
  7. When Winter Comes: discovering wildlife in our snowy woods – by Aimee Bissonette
  8. Arthur’s Christmas Cookies – by Lillian Hoban
  9. Tarra and Bella: the Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends – by Carol Buckley
  10. Bella’s Tree – by Janet Russell
  11. Christmas Tapestry – by Patricia Polacco
  12. Have You Seen My Duckling? – by Nancy Tafuri
  13. Wintercake – by Lynne Rae Perkins
  14. A Cookie For Santa – by Stephanie Shaw
  15. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: an Appalachian story – by Gloria Houston
  16. My Little House ABC – by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  17. The Snow Dancer – by Addie Boswell
  18. Good Dog Carl and the Baby Elephant – by Alexandra Day
  19. What Riley Wore – by Elana K. Arnold
  20. Pier 21: a history – by Steven Schwinghamer
  21. When a Child is Born: a Chronicles of St. Mary’s short story – by Jodi Taylor
  22. Tiny T. Rex and the Very Dark Dark – by Jonathan Stutzman
  23. Lift – by Minh Le
  24. Lighthouse Christmas – by Toni Buzzeo
  25. Hippos Are Huge! – by Jonathan London
  26. The Truth About Dragons – by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
  27. Home in the Woods – by Eliza Wheeler
  28. Maisy At the Farm – by Lucy Cousins
  29. Behind the Bookcase: Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the Hiding Place – by Barbara Lowell
  30. The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – by Madeleine L’Engle
  31. Father Christmas Goes on Holiday – by Raymond Briggs
  32. Art & Max – by David Wiesner
  33. Dasher – by Matt Travares
  34. Noisy Night – by Mac Barnett
  35. The Cool Bean – by Jory John
  36. 111 Trees: How One Village Celebrates the Birth of Every Girl – by Rina Singh
  37. Under My Hood I Have a Hat – by Karla Kuskin
  38. Sunshine and Snowballs – by Margaret Wise Brown
  39. The Truth About Princesses – by Nancy Kelly Allen
  40. If I Ran the Circus – by Dr. Seuss
  41. Tree of Cranes – by Allen Say
  42. Welcome Comfort – by Patricia Polacco
  43. Llama Llama Holiday Drama – by Anna Dewdney
  44. Jingle Bells – by Susan Jeffers
  45. The Broken Ornament – by Tony DiTerlizzi
  46. Christmas Trolls – by Jan Brett
  47. Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo – by David Myles
  48. 100 Snowmen – by Jennifer Arena
  49. The Truth About Fairies – by Angelique J. Johnson
  50. Puff the Magic Dragon – by Peter Yarrow
  51. Now It Is Winter – by Eileen Spinelli
  52. A Confused Hanukkah: an original story of Chelm – by Jon Koons
  53. Back to Front and Upside Down – by Claire Alexander
  54. Fin M’Coul: the Giant of Knockmany Hill – retold by Tomie dePaola
  55. Waiting for Snow – by Marsha Diane Arnold
  56. Around One Log: Chipmunks, Spiders, and Creepy Insiders – by Anthony D. Fredericks
  57. The Hike – by Alison Farrell
  58. Catherine, Called Birdy – by Karen Cushman


  1. My Brilliant Friend – by Elena Farrante
  2. The Answer Is … Reflections on my Life – by Alex Trebek
  3. The Enemy: a book about peace – by Davide Cali
  4. Yanni Rubbish – by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim
  5. Love Is – by Diane Adams
  6. Swashby and the Sea – by Beth Ferry
  7. A Bike Like Sergio’s – by Maribeth Boelts
  8. Sneezy the Snowman – by Maureen Wright
  9. It Came in the Mail – by Ben Clanton
  10. Cozy – by Jan Brett
  11. Erika’s Story – by Ruth Vander Zee
  12. A Big Guy Took My Ball – by Mo Willems
  13. Snow Song – by A.K. Riley
  14. Winter Lullaby – by Barbara Seuling
  15. Pay It Forward Kids: Small Acts, Big Change – by Nancy Runstedler
  16. Good Mothers Don’t – by Laura Best
  17. A Soldier’s Sketchbook: The illustrated First World War diary of R.H. Rabjohn – by John Wilson
  18. You Had Me At Hola – by Alexis Daria
  19. Olaf’s Night Before Christmas – by Jessica Julius
  20. I Really Want the Cake – by Simon Philip
  21. Father Christmas – by Raymond Briggs
  22. Animals Brag About Their Bottoms – by Make Saito
  23. Your Name is a Song – by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
  24. The Hundred-Year Barn – by Patricia MacLachlan
  25. I Can Be Anything! Don’t Tell Me I Can’t – by Diane Dillon
  26. Giraffe Problems – by Jory John
  27. Snowman’s Story – by Will Hillenbrand
  28. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang – by Kate Wilhelm
  29. Uncommon Danger – by Eric Ambler
  30. The Going to Bed Book – by Sandra Boynton
  31. Snowball Soup – by Mercer Meyer
  32. Who’s Got Game? – by Toni Morrison & Slade Morrison
  33. Mommy’s Khimar – by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
  34. Simon at the Art Museum – by Christina Soontornvat
  35. Guts – by Raina Telgemeier
  36. Schnitzel: a cautionary tale for lazy louts – by Stephanie Shaw
  37. White Fragility: Why it’s so Hard to Talk to White People About Racism – by Robin DiAngelo
  38. Just Breathe: meditation, mindfulness, movement, and more – by Mallika Chopra
  39. Krambambuli: a memoir – by Syr Ruus
  40. Mirabel’s Missing Valentines – by Janet Lawler
  41. Groundhog’s Dilemma – by Kristen Remenar
  42. St. George and the Dragon – by Beth Andrews
  43. Monsters Eat Whiny Children – by Bruce Eric Kaplan
  44. Froggy’s First Kiss – by Jonathan London
  45. The Christmas Gift – by Francisco Jimenez
  46. Animal Grossapedia – by Melissa Stewart
  47. Crazy Hair – by Neil Gaiman
  48. Ryan and Jimmy and the well in Africa that brought them together – by Herb Shoveller

MARCH 2021:

  1. Dozens of Doughnuts – by Carrie Finison
  2. Bedtime for Sweet Creatures – by Nikki Grimes
  3. At the Mountain’s Base – by Traci Sorell
  4. The Lady With the Books: a Story Inspired by the Remarkable Work of Jella Lepman – by Kathy Stinson
  5. Overground Railroad – by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  6. Chirri & Chirra: The Snowy Day – by Kaya Doi
  7. The Fly – by Elise Gravel
  8. One Dark Night – by Lisa Wheeler
  9. The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit – by Sloan Wilson
  10. ‘Ohana Means Family – by Ilima Loomis
  11. I Am Darn Tough – by Licia Morelli
  12. I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home – by Kathryn Cristaldi
  13. Princess Puffybottom … and Darryl – by Susin Nielsen
  14. Birdsong – by Julie Flett
  15. When Grandpa Gives You a Toolbox – by Jamie L.B. Deenihan
  16. Love is Powerful – by Heather Dean Brewer
  17. The Women Who Caught the Babies – by Eloise Greenfield
  18. A New Green Day – by Antoinette Portis