Monthly Archives: May 2010

Choices and computers

It has been five weeks since my last post! In April, my computer did the closest thing to a crash without it being a complete one; I’m still getting it back in order. It was disappointing to lose some things, mostly writing contacts and information. The upside of this computer crisis is that having to reload programs has given me the newest updated ones, and introduction to some great new-to-me programs.

Free advice regarding anti-virus programs: First, BUY one! Second, ONLY use a free one to test it using their limited time free trial, then buy it if you like it. I learned the hard way that free ones do not have enough of the necessary ingredients to protect your computer, regardless of what you think.

I had been working on a story I’d written for children, and revising it in preparation for submission to a magazine. With the ‘crash’, once I found my story again it would be a rush job to get it sent by the April 30 deadline. After all that effort I made the decision to set it aside. Maybe one day it will go somewhere and even be accepted. Now, in fact, I am not sure what I am supposed to do about my writing. Does it sound as if some discouragement has sneaked into the picture?

Do you ever get into the place of not being sure what you really are supposed to be doing? I remind myself of Jonah in the Bible. Remember him? God told him what He was to do, Jonah didn’t agree and ran the opposite way, only to be hauled up short. You know the story; he came around eventually. Now, I’m not saying I deliberately said no to God, but I may have wandered off on my own brilliant tangents instead of following closely to His plan. Not that my choices are/were bad ones, they just may not be the right ones or God’s best for me.

My business website is under scrutiny now, too; I’m considering revising my business goals.

Maybe it’s because Spring is here in Nova Scotia – or maybe I am getting wiser?? hmmm

What do you think? What is happening in your life? Do you ever go through this kind of thing, and if so .. what have you learned from it? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading, and … Creative Musings! 🙂